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Network's interview with acclaimed nutritionist Matt O'Neill.

Matt O'Neill is an Australian Fitness Industry presenter and educator, with years of experience both as a trainer and is his current role as the director of the SmartShape Centre for Weight Management in Sydney. He took some time aside to share his thoughts about the fitness industry and his experiences with us.. Read on and enjoy!

Network: You've been in the fitness industry for quite a while now. What things have you done throughout your career and what are you doing these days?
Matt: As a trainer many years ago, I worked in public, resort and corporate fitness centres. This hands-on work has helped me to understand how nutrition and weight management works in fitness facilities and the challenges it raises. So, most of my work now involves training workshops and courses for fitness professionals from my SmartShape Centre for Weight Management. I now do more online training. I also speak to the masses on Chanel 7’s Sunrise and Morning Show’s almost every week. The TV work is fun and ensures you give memorable advice.

Network: What are the major ways in which the industry has changed since you've been involved?
Matt: The growth in numbers of fitness professionals has also created a growth in every niche area, so there are very specialised paths where people can build up quite some specialist expertise in the their area. I have seen a growing number through my courses who go on to study more nutrition and even become dietitians like me.

Network: What do you think lies in the future of the fitness industry?
Matt: Top of mind is the real need to address nutrition and weight loss diets as part of a fitness business. I have more and more trainers calling, saying they are losing clients to questionable slimming treatments. I’d really like fitness professionals to combine diet and exercise to give the best metabolic benefits for consumers. Diet-only programs can’t do this. Come along to my sessions at FILEX and I’ll share some new ideas and tools for how to do this.

Network: What is it that keeps bringing you back to FILEX as a presenter?
Matt: My sessions are always packed with passionate people who use my nutrition strategies, stories and jokes with their very next client, so this is extremely rewarding. It’s also a chance for me to share my passion, which I hope rubs off on people.

Network: What are the key messages you hope to convey during your sessions at FILEX 2009?
Matt: This year more than ever, I’ll be demonstrating how a “nutrient-rich, energy-sparse” diet is the key to weight management and performance. I’m aiming to create a mind-shift from thinking fitness to “metabolic fitness” with all the tools to make it work.

Network: Where can people find out more about you and/or what you do?
Matt: Just go to where you’ll find loads of my articles, resources and courses.

To see a very interesting (and very current) video with Matt explaining the ins and outs of the "Lemon Detox Diet", click on the following link:

Note: Come and see Matt in person, at FILEX 2009. Visit for more information.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 21-Sep-2009 02:05 AM | 4 out of 5 stars

Yesterday I read the interview with Matt O'Neill (downloaded from .). An intereting one. He seems to be a nice specialist in the sphere he works. In my native country it's difficult to find such people.