The key to surviving winter workouts

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Giving your lifeblood a reason to be loyal will pay dividends

Catching up with industry legend and longtime friend of Network, Paul Brown, at this year’s FILEX convention reinforced to me the growing importance of member retention in today’s market. 

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Don't let perfection be the enemy of better


You’re the best in the business? Show me, don’t tell me

The saying goes that first impressions last, and there’s probably much truth in that – though arguably, given enough time and opportunity, it may be possible to disprove someone’s negative perception of you. But why waste time trying to correct a bad impression when the alternative is creating a great one in the first place?

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4 benefits of training clients online

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To the Year of Continuous Improvement

Bodyweight training stays in Top 5 fitness trends for 2019

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Network's former CEO announced as new Les Mills Asia Pacific CEO

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1 thing I’ve learnt: You must remain relevant in the fitness industry

Group Fitness Guru Marietta Mehanni reflects on one key lesson she has learnt from her three decades working in the fitness industry.
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Free workshops to build understanding of mental illness

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