Two tips to reduce your fitness class music fees in 2020

The recent OneMusic Australia licence scheme has certain implications for the way you use music in your group exercise classes - but there are a couple of ways to minimise the costs involved.

The POWER MUSIC NOW subscription service, digital downloads, and CDs offer the fitness industry in Australia the largest catalogue of music that’s 100% PPCA Free - and members of Australian Fitness Network save 10% on purchases.

Under the new One Music Australia licence scheme, any instructor or club that uses Power Music EXCLUSIVELY in their Group Fitness classes is eligible for a Partial Rights discount of 48.25% per class rate for each Fitness Class that does not use PPCA Sound Recordings.

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Network introduces 7 new functional training courses

If you were to name the top fitness trends of the past decade, functional training would surely be up there. Unlike some trends, however, functional fitness has become a mainstay of many facilities group fitness timetables as well as many PT’s   Read More

Here’s to a new decade and new opportunities!

And just like that, another decade has passed! With the futuristic-sounding year of 2020 just around the corner, it’s a good time to reflect on the achievements and challenges of the past while also considering our next moves for the year ahead, and beyond.

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From tricky teens to guilt-laden mums, we welcome all

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What's your risk? This quick survey gives you a health check

In support of the Australian Governments' commitment to improving the health of Australians through preventive measures, Healthdirect Australia has launched the healthdirect Risk Checker for three key preventable diseases.
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The key to surviving winter workouts

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Giving your lifeblood a reason to be loyal will pay dividends

Catching up with industry legend and longtime friend of Network, Paul Brown, at this year’s FILEX convention reinforced to me the growing importance of member retention in today’s market. 

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Don't let perfection be the enemy of better


You’re the best in the business? Show me, don’t tell me

The saying goes that first impressions last, and there’s probably much truth in that – though arguably, given enough time and opportunity, it may be possible to disprove someone’s negative perception of you. But why waste time trying to correct a bad impression when the alternative is creating a great one in the first place?

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4 benefits of training clients online

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