We’re bringing you the best of functional training and movement skills from the global leaders in sports performance education, twist conditioning.

Network has partnered with Twist Conditioning to deliver you their Twist Foundations and Sports Performance courses. Access their world renowned, and scientifically-based, physical performance enhancement training methods, and learn the keys to true total body synergy.

Designed to take you back to the basics of function, Twist Foundations courses give you the tools to help your clients build bodies that perform in all aspects of physical life – be that as a weekend warrior or as an athlete.

  • Twist Foundations

Twist Foundations

The Twist Foundations course is comprised of two modules – Stability, mobility & fundamental movement skills, and Linked strength & unified balance.

Module 1: Stability, mobility & fundamental movement skills

Stability and mobility play crucial roles in the development and mastery of fundamental movement skills. Learn how these key components can be assessed, and be exposed to new techniques and methods to increase your client’s ability to move with ease, fluidity, strength, and balance. Improve base level stability and mobility in your clients and help them gain huge function and huge results!

Module 2: Linked strength & unified balance

The world around us requires a body comprised of unified components, all communicating as one functional unit. We need to be linked toe-to-finger, with every link in the chain functioning smoothly to keep us connected. Linked strength aims to produce, simply put, a body that works. Learn to eliminate the weak links in the body that prevent your clients from expressing power, and focus on efficient, precise movement skills that develop athleticism through strength training.

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