AUTUMN 2009:

Cover, Contents and Editorial

Warming up, by Brent Hallo

Fit Facts

Kiwi Korner

Perception is projection!, by Terry Hawkins

It’s time to demand more from group fitness, by Phillip Mills

Recession-proof your personal training business, by Heidi Dening

The tip that ticks all the boxes, by Robert Gerrish

Selling club memberships isn’t difficult … with the 7 Keys, by Casey Conrad

Common injuries: patellofemoral pain syndrome, by Paul Wright

Amazing news for Australian-based personal trainers!

Product Showcase

Think outside the box and dance!, by Michelle Dean

Managing balance and falls in older people, by Stephanie McLennan

You are what you eat … but careful who says so, by William Sukala

Making ordinary classes extraordinary: variations, combinations and building blocks, by Dominic Gili and Manal Garcia

Give me your Continuous Partial Attention, by Andrew May

Caring for your stressed clients: why you need to ask ‘how are you feeling?’, by Blake Worrall-Thompson

Bridging the gap between trainer and physio, by Tim Keeley

Research review, by Mike Climstein

Member profile: Matt Spooner

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