WINTER 2009:

Cover, Contents and Editorial

FILEX: Stimulus package!

Warming up by Steve Jensen

Fit Facts

Kiwi Korner

Re-thinking your workout, by Michol Dalcourt

Network launches the Network eCampus

Turn the beat around, by George Dovas

Attract and retain high profile clients, by Amelia Burton

Applying the concept of ‘nutrient density’, by Sharon Natoli

Product Showcase

Q&A: Target Heart Rate, by Jason Karp, PhD

Run away and join the circus, by Lisa Westlake

Wet force!, by Marietta Mehanni

Research review: Strength training in breast cancer survivors, by Dr Mike Climstein, PhD

Common injuries: low back pain (part one), by Paul Wright

Gym members have their say, by Simon Hall

Smelting aluminium and pumping iron, by Christine Atkins

Network Catalogue

Network Community Noticeboard