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Hot on the heels of the Club Network Manual for Success, comes the PT Manual for Success – a specialty publication specifically produced to help personal trainers further their business achievements.

Delivered in a convenient (and environmentally-kind) PDF format, this Manual is now available for downloading.

The PT Manual for Success is available to download in PDF format, as part of your Professional Membership package.

2008: Volume 1, Number 3

How to build a client base fast
by Andrew Simmons

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2009: Volume 1, Number 4

How to get your first
crucial 10 clients
by Kellie Sanders & Jeff Osborne

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2008: Volume 1, Number 1

How to recognise and attract ideal clients
by Robert Gerrish

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coming soon

2008: Volume 1, Number 2

How to promote your PT business in your local community
by Summer Nelson
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