How to train and race with confidence

This blog post was written by Jen Brown, chief coach at Sparta PT. Jen is presenting ‘Ladies, New to Triathlon? How to Start and Finish Your Race with Confidence’ at the Australian Triathlon Endurance & Cycling Expo being held on 4-5 July at The Dome, Sydney Showground.

Whether it’s a Mud Run or City2Surf, a local park run, triathlon or ocean swim, events are a great way to stay motivated through the colder months.

Unlike weight loss goals which can easily be changed as you struggle with motivation, events give you a fixed deadline. You can't tell yourself ‘I’ll start next Monday’ because eventually you'll run out of Mondays and race day will arrive whether you’re ready or not!  Read More

Shake up your diet: the new Healthy Eating Pyramid is all about variety

This blog post was written by Tess Wilson, a Membership Consultant with Australian Fitness Network. A former competitive swimmer, Tess is passionate about healthy living and the life-enhancing power of healthy, nourishing and delicious real food.

Information endorsing food regimes and guidance on nutrition is boundless. We are inundated by a wave of ‘healthy eating tips’ and ‘fad diets’ that often create more confusion than coherence. It is therefore difficult to determine what a healthy balanced diet actually looks like.

Nutrition Australia’s food pyramid has been an enduring image that aims to encapsulate what constitutes a healthy diet. This seminal image has undergone a recent transformation in an effort to square off growing nutrition confusion. The updated pyramid has a fresh new look and a renewed health message; providing clearer advice on the types and proportions of foods we should aim to eat every day for good health.   Read More