Are FILEX and the Fitness Expo the same thing?

If you work in the fitness industry you’ve probably heard of FILEX. And you’ve probably also heard about the Fitness & Health Expo. Some people have mentioned cool training gear they bought at FILEX, while others have said the same about the Fitness Expo. So are they the same thing?

In a word, no. But they are held alongside each other, because those who attend one of the events will probably have a strong interest in attending the other one as well.

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Meet the Network team! Paul Bulatao, National VET Manager

Fitness education is a cornerstone of the development of the role of fitness professional. Entry level qualifications offer prospective trainers and instructors a sound footing on which to determine their own training philosophy and career direction, alongside a plethora of continuing education options. For more experienced fitness pros, an eagerness to share their knowledge and skills with the next generation of trainers leads many to consider moving into education.  Read More