Why does boxing for fitness pack such a powerful punch?

This blog post was provided by the team at Boxing for Fitness. 
Boxing for fitness is nothing new, but with more personal trainers incorporating elements into their training, especially in small group training and outdoor group sessions, we thought we’d take a moment to remind you exactly why it is a serious winner when it comes to a strong body composition and burning fat (and, crucially, keeping it off for the long term).   Read More

How will we stop obesity crushing our society?

‘We will have to build factories to cut off people’s toes’ screamed the front page headline on the Sunday paper; ‘Dire warning on diabetes’.

A bit sensationalist, surely? Perhaps not. Perhaps this is the in-your-face approach needed to keep the obesity epidemic at the forefront of mainstream conversation.

But it’s already in the mainstream, isn’t it? Shows like The Biggest Loser have highlighted that Australia is no longer the fit and healthy nation that it is often perceived to be. True, but do we really talk about society’s problem, or merely that of the handful of people on our screens?  Read More