The Fitness Industry, is it recession proof?

It seems like every new day brings yet more stories of economic doom and gloom. Businesses closing left, right and centre, people losing their jobs, houses and cars. Certainly, if you talk to anyone who works in the financial, real estate or corporate travel business, their spirits are nowhere near as high as they have been in recent years..

But what about our industry, the fitness industry? How are we as fitness professionals specifically being affected on a global scale? On a purely anecdotal basis, from the Network perspective, times are good. Our membership base is as solid as it ever has been, our FILEX event in 2009 was one of the biggest we have ever run and there seems to be increasing demand for our training courses. With the introduction of some fantastic new services, like PTontheNET and online eCEC courses, we have been able to adapt and streamline the business and attract a whole new generation of people to our organisation.  Read More