Fat or fiction? Faking body image in the media

While reading the New York Times Health and Fitness Blog recently, I came across a post by Tara Parker-Pope that really caught my eye, entitled ‘Losing Weight by Photoshop’. The title obviously speaks for itself, and after reading the very well written piece, it reinforced to me how many people in our industry – and of course, how many of our clients and customers – have a negative perception of their body image.  Read More

Hot topic: Gym Waivers, Client Liability and Duty of Care

In the recent decision of Belna Pty Ltd v Irwin [1], the NSW Court of Appeal considered the duty of care owed by a gym operator to a client who suffered a serious knee injury while performing lunges as part of a program designed by an employee.

Ms Irwin dislocated her knee while performing lunges at a Fernwood gym. The exercises were part of a prescribed gym program formulated by a consultant of the gym and the incident occurred while Irwin attempted a lunge for the first time. Her leg gave way, she fell to the floor and was then taken to the hospital where it was found that she had dislocated her knee.   Read More

Will Fitness Australia’s change to the REPS registration system benefit our industry?

The following post was written by author and industry presenter Andrew Verdon.

I was very interested recently to see the release of the new exercise professional registration levels by Fitness Australia (FA). This is to be known as the Exercise Professional Registration System (REPS). Since starting in the industry in 1995 this is the biggest change I have seen to registration and re-registration.  Read More

Sarcopenia . . . do you suffer it?

The following post was written by industry leader and Network friend, Justin Tamsett in consulation with Jamie Hayes. You can visit Justin's very informative blog at www.justintamsett.com

I recently had a conversation with one of the most passionate fitness industry individuals in Australia, Jamie Hayes the Managing Director of Healthy Inspirations about what is Sarcopenia – accelerated loss of muscle tissue from insufficient physical activity.  Read More

Biggest Loser – A hit show or offensive?

Based on the popularity of our previous Blog Post called "The Biggest Loser, friend or foe of fitness", when we came across Justin Tamsett's recent post we thought it pertinent to re-post here. You can visit Justin's very informative blog at www.justintamsett.com

As filming has begun on the next series of Biggest Loser in Australia, I was thinking does this reality show help or hinder the over weight problem in Australia.

The journal Obesity Management explored the attitudes of people toward the Biggest Loser here in Australia. The group they surveyed were overweight: 42% classified as obese and 58% as morbidly obese. Here are the results:  Read More

What would you do if a client suffered cardiac arrest during a training session?

The following post is written by guest author Danielle Fera, an exercise coach from NSW.

Most personal trainers will at some point have clients who have less than healthy hearts – in fact, that may be why they are training with you. Have you ever considered what you would do if one of your clients suffered a cardiac arrest during a training session?  Read More

You Don’t Have To Be Thin To Be Irresistible

This blog post was written by featured Network presenter and friend, Justin Tamsett.

In recent weeks there has been ‘interesting’ media comments in regard to the global exposure of semi-nude model Lizzie Miller in Glamour magazine, who dared to have a roll of tummy fat.  Read More

Obesity-combating smart-card proposed – but wouldn’t an exercise incentive be more effective?

The following post is written by guest author Paul Richards, CEO of Club Physical in New Zealand.

Thinking positively, I would firstly like to congratulate the NZ Ministry of Health for even considering incentivising people to purchase healthy food in a bid to combat obesity. This is a step in the right direction, but I imagine it would only impact people to a minor degree and not have the desired outcome of improving people’s lifestyle habits enough to reduce obesity.  Read More

Brief summary of the monthly Network fitness information enews

Network’s July eNews takes a look at a varied selection of topics, kicking off with news on a method which has been developed to diagnose overtraining syndrome. Then there’s more research pointing to the mental and physical benefits of an active life in older age. Perhaps taking up ballroom dancing would be a good idea, as research has found that it can add a couple of thousand steps towards your recommended daily total, that hard-to-reach ten thousand steps.  Read More

BioAge Fitness Testing, Young at Heart?

The following post is written by Oliver Kitchingman, Network's editor.

As fitness professionals, Network’s members are, hopefully, a pretty fit bunch. In fact, I’d be willing to wager that most of you would reckon you feel, and maybe look, younger than you actually are, thanks to your well balanced diet, exercise regimen and refusal to partake in nicotine or alcohol. OK, perhaps not the bit about alcohol, but if the countless industry players I encounter on a daily basis are anything to go by, the first few points are valid. So, with your body being your temple, and all that, how old do you think your body really is?  Read More