The Biggest Loser, friend or foe of fitness?

The following Blog Post was written by Alisha Smith, Network's education manager.

The Biggest Loser. Let’s face it – we’re all watching it, and if we’re not then, at the very least, a solid majority of our clients and class participants most definitely are.

There’s no debating that as a nation (and particularly, as an industry) we’re captivated by the show’s drastic techniques and equally drastic transformations. From the airing of the first episode of a new series right up until the country gathers around the TV to witness the crowning of ‘The Biggest Loser’, we enjoy (in a slightly masochistic manner) observing the contestants struggle and – dare I say it – thinking to ourselves ‘thank goodness I’m not like that’.  Read More

Extreme Heat and Exercise: Duty of Care.

The following post was written by Alisha Smith, Network's Education Manager.

With the recent heatwave smothering Victoria and South Australia, it seems a pertinent time to discuss duty of care to our clients. Did you know that in Australia there are no specific regulations regarding the temperature extremes at which to cancel fitness activities, both indoor and out?  Read More

The missing Fitness link: POSTURE!

Picture this; a beautiful girl decked out in designer clothes with perfect makeup and hair – but something is wrong. Her head pokes forward, her shoulders round over and there is a slight hump on her upper back – and this is when she is sitting down. It gets worse. She stands up in her patent heels and her backside sticks right out and the arch in her lower back looks very uncomfortable. You’ve seen this girl before at the gym and working with a personal trainer on the weights floor, but all of her efforts have not addressed a very important factor of fitness: posture.  Read More

The results of Network's first ever PT Survey are here!

Look after your clients and they will look after you.
In Network’s recent PT survey it came to light that personal trainers rate attracting new customers as their greatest sales and marketing related challenge. This is perhaps not surprising, though surely if they had higher retention rates then attracting new clients wouldn’t be such an issue …?  Read More

Barefoot training, yes or no?

In the last twelve months or so we've seen a huge increase in interest in the concept of barefoot training among both personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts. While the idea has been around for some time now, it has only recently exploded onto the scene at local fitness facilities.  Read More