Fitness Industry Trends to Watch Out for 2010 and beyond

Recently myself and a colleague, Amy Bird, were lucky enough to head over to America to a couple of international fitness conventions to get a feel for what is happening overseas in the wide world of fitness. Certainly an eye opening experience, Amy and I identified the following 4 BIG global trends to watch out for, some of which have already hit OZ and some that are sure to come soon:   Read More

An industry response to the article: The Myth About Exercise in Time Magazine

On a recent trip to America, I was browsing a newsagent at the Seattle airport and came across TIME magazine with the following title on the cover: "The Myth About Exercise. Of course it's good for you, but it won't make you lose weight. Why it's what you eat that really counts." And to top it off, there was a massive picture of a woman on a treadmill eyeing a cupcake! Of course, I had to immediately buy the magazine and read the article Read More

Vibration Training, the new fitness frontier?

The following post was written by international presenter and educator, Steve Schiemer.

Having lived in Europe for the last 12 years, I have watched this type of training explode onto the fitness and rehab scene. It first hit the fitness market about 6 or 7 years ago. Vibration training is the act of passing a vibration through the body to elicit a series of responses, in particular to activate the deep core muscles of the body, to stimulate the nervous system, increase strength and power, reduce pain perception, increase bone density, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage and improve proprioception. The two most popular ways to do this are to either stand on a vibrating plate, such the Power Plate, and allow the vibrations to enter the body via the legs, or to use a handheld oscillating device such as a FLEXI-BAR, which is a long flexible fibreglass bar with weights on the end and a handle in the middle that you push/pull to get the bar to swing back and forth, allowing the vibrations to pass into the body via the arms.  Read More

Is CrossFit Training for Everyone?

The following post is written by Lori Eggers from PTontheNET.

Type in the word “CrossFit” into any search engine, and you’ll see literally hundreds of entries for CrossFit programs in various cities, states and countries around the world.

Developed by a former gymnast in California, the CrossFit program is designed to “deliver a fitness that is, by design, broad, general and inclusive,” where the same routines are used for “elderly individuals with heart disease and cage fighters one month out from televised bouts.”  Read More

Behind the neck presses - complicated or just plain contraindicated?

The following post was written by Alisha Smith, Network's education manager.

Fitness wouldn’t be fitness without heated discussions regarding ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ exercises. Some say there are certain exercises that simply should never be performed, while others say that there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ exercise – only bad technique.

One such proclaimed ‘bad’ exercise is the Behind the Neck Press (BNP).  Read More

Extreme Heat and Exercise: Duty of Care.

The following post was written by Alisha Smith, Network's Education Manager.

With the recent heatwave smothering Victoria and South Australia, it seems a pertinent time to discuss duty of care to our clients. Did you know that in Australia there are no specific regulations regarding the temperature extremes at which to cancel fitness activities, both indoor and out?  Read More

5.5 Habits That Set a Personal Trainer Apart From the Rest.

Guest article by author Amelia Burton, trainer and writer for
Whether you are a seasoned personal trainer, or just starting out in the industry there are some simple but highly powerful habits you can learn that will set you apart from everyone else. PT can be draining at times so why not adopt some habits that are no extra work, but from the client’s perspective make you the best trainer they have ever had!  Read More

The benefits of Self Myofascial Release

At the recent Network 08 On Tour event, exercise physiologist, nutritionist, personal trainer and fitness educator, Paul Taylor, explained the benefits of Self Myofascial Release.

Self Myofascial Release (SMR) is reported to increase neuromuscular efficiency, alleviate the effects of overactive muscles and influence the autonomic nervous system.   Read More

The results of Network's first ever PT Survey are here!

Look after your clients and they will look after you.
In Network’s recent PT survey it came to light that personal trainers rate attracting new customers as their greatest sales and marketing related challenge. This is perhaps not surprising, though surely if they had higher retention rates then attracting new clients wouldn’t be such an issue …?  Read More

Barefoot training, yes or no?

In the last twelve months or so we've seen a huge increase in interest in the concept of barefoot training among both personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts. While the idea has been around for some time now, it has only recently exploded onto the scene at local fitness facilities.  Read More