The route may alter, but the destination remains

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Is this a perfect opportunity for Personal Trainers?

You know the outdoor ‘gyms’ that councils the country (and world) over have been installing in parks in recent years? They’re often a rather uniform shade of grey, though you may have encountered a few in eye-catching colours.  Read More

Finding the missing piece of the puzzle in 2018

This is the wonder drug for mental and physical wellbeing

This blog post was written by Diane Westaway, Founder and CEO of Wild Women On Top.
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How wearable tech can boost incidental exercise

By Australian Fitness Network's Executive Director, Nigel Champion  Read More

Is this what it takes to get to Season 2 of Australian Ninja Warrior?

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Looking back at where it all began...

This post was written by Nigel Champion, Executive Director of Australian Fitness Network.  Read More

Network celebrates three decades of leading the way

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Why Barre Attack is the next big thing for your gym

Potential members are curious about what makes your club different to – and better than – your competitors, and current members are always on the lookout for some fresh new formats. So what ticks the box this year?
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The dangers of celebrity health and fitness advice

calling sunscreen poisonous  Read More