To the Year of Continuous Improvement

Bodyweight training stays in Top 5 fitness trends for 2019

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Network's former CEO announced as new Les Mills Asia Pacific CEO

Network is very pleased to congratulate former Network CEO, Ryan Hogan, on his appointment to the CEO role with Les Mills Asia Pacific!  Read More

1 thing I’ve learnt: You must remain relevant in the fitness industry

Group Fitness Guru Marietta Mehanni reflects on one key lesson she has learnt from her three decades working in the fitness industry.
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Free workshops to build understanding of mental illness

The content for this blog post was provided by Wellways Australia, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring all Australians lead active and fulfilling lives in their community.  Read More

The route may alter, but the destination remains

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Is this a perfect opportunity for Personal Trainers?

You know the outdoor ‘gyms’ that councils the country (and world) over have been installing in parks in recent years? They’re often a rather uniform shade of grey, though you may have encountered a few in eye-catching colours.  Read More

Finding the missing piece of the puzzle in 2018

This is the wonder drug for mental and physical wellbeing

This blog post was written by Diane Westaway, Founder and CEO of Wild Women On Top.
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How wearable tech can boost incidental exercise

By Australian Fitness Network's Executive Director, Nigel Champion  Read More