Why Barre Attack is the next big thing for your gym

Potential members are curious about what makes your club different to – and better than – your competitors, and current members are always on the lookout for some fresh new formats. So what ticks the box this year?
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The dangers of celebrity health and fitness advice

calling sunscreen poisonous  Read More

We have a responsibility for kids’ fitness - all kids

Kids’ fitness, or a lack of it, is at crisis point, and the fitness industry needs to be proactive and do something about it, says Executive Director of Australian Fitness Network, Nigel Champion.  Read More

7 tips to avoid heart disease and heart attacks

This post was written by Dr Warrick Bishop, a practicing cardiologist and author of   Read More

How do I reach the fitness industry with my product?

Have a Happy – SLOW – New Year!

A few simple techniques will help you to integrate the skills of slowing down into your life, setting the foundation for a healthier and happier 2017, says Occupational Therapist Angela Lockwood Read More

Get results in 2017 with the Adventure Motivation Model

This blog post was written by Di Westaway, Chief Adventure Chick with Wild Women On Top
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Would you try ‘cockroach milk’ to gain muscle?

Almost every week there’s a new supplement, a brand new ‘thought’ on muscle building, or the next big thing in dieting that’s going to take your sessions to the next level. Recent research by the Institute of Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine in India released evidence that the new key to muscle gains is thanks to the humble cockroach. Yep, the cockroach.  Read More

Changes coming to music licences for gyms and clubs in 2018

The greater the challenge, the sweeter the reward?