What’s the difference between Australian Fitness Network and Fitness Australia or Physical Activity Australia?

You may have just qualified as a fitness professional in Australia – getting your cert III and/or cert IV in fitness.

You’ve heard mixed and confusing messages about having to register and become a member of some fitness organisations before you can start working. And something about insurance too.

Let’s clear up the confusion.

What are ‘Fitness Australia’ and ‘Physical Activity Australia’?
Fitness Australia – and Physical Activity Australia – are industry registration bodies for fitness professionals in Australia. Most fitness facilities will require you to be registered with either one of these bodies before they will employ you Read More

How to train and race with confidence

This blog post was written by Jen Brown, chief coach at Sparta PT. Jen is presenting ‘Ladies, New to Triathlon? How to Start and Finish Your Race with Confidence’ at the Australian Triathlon Endurance & Cycling Expo being held on 4-5 July at The Dome, Sydney Showground.

Whether it’s a Mud Run or City2Surf, a local park run, triathlon or ocean swim, events are a great way to stay motivated through the colder months.

Unlike weight loss goals which can easily be changed as you struggle with motivation, events give you a fixed deadline. You can't tell yourself ‘I’ll start next Monday’ because eventually you'll run out of Mondays and race day will arrive whether you’re ready or not!  Read More

Shake up your diet: the new Healthy Eating Pyramid is all about variety

This blog post was written by Tess Wilson, a Membership Consultant with Australian Fitness Network. A former competitive swimmer, Tess is passionate about healthy living and the life-enhancing power of healthy, nourishing and delicious real food.

Information endorsing food regimes and guidance on nutrition is boundless. We are inundated by a wave of ‘healthy eating tips’ and ‘fad diets’ that often create more confusion than coherence. It is therefore difficult to determine what a healthy balanced diet actually looks like.

Nutrition Australia’s food pyramid has been an enduring image that aims to encapsulate what constitutes a healthy diet. This seminal image has undergone a recent transformation in an effort to square off growing nutrition confusion. The updated pyramid has a fresh new look and a renewed health message; providing clearer advice on the types and proportions of foods we should aim to eat every day for good health.   Read More

Do your clients and members really want to spend time with you?

This blog post was written by Oliver Kitchingman, Australian Fitness Network’s editor.

I don’t mean to be rude, but do your clients and members really want to spend time with you? Or are they just there because they feel like they need to be? If it’s the latter then odds are they won’t be training with you for long.    In the Winter issue of Network magazine Australian Fitness Network’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Steve Jensen, alludes to the importance of making our clubs, studios and sessions the ‘third place’ for our clients and members. The third place is the place, aside from home and work, where people choose to spend their time because they like to be there.The key word there is ‘like’. Not ‘feel obliged’ or ‘deem it necessary’.   Read More

Encouraging your clients to exercise could save their sight

This blog post was written using information provided by the Macular Disease Foundation Australia.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet would help save the sight of 1.1 million Australians living with diabetes.

Diabetic eye disease is a common complication of diabetes and the leading cause of blindness among working age adults in Australia. The longer a person has diabetes, the greater their risk of developing diabetic eye disease.

Although diabetes cannot be cured, the complications and related health problems can be significantly reduced or prevented in the vast majority of people with optimal management of blood glucose levels, careful attention to diet, weight management and regular physical activity.  Read More

Winter workout excuses busted

This blog post contains content from legendary former Australian ironman Guy Leech. For more information on what Guy’s up to now, visit guyleech.com

With the cold weather and dark mornings curbing our motivation to get out from under the doona and get our bodies moving, it’s hardly surprising that half of Australians put on up to five kilograms over winter (Dieticians Association research, May 2015). Former ironman Guy Leech reckons it’s time to ditch the excuses and toughen up: ‘Winter often provides the perfect excuse for people to skip workouts, or drop their workout routine all together. But the reality is, consistency is key, and you can’t build a strong and healthy body by bailing out three months of the year.’

Here, Leech slams the most common excuses for skipping winter workouts and replaces them with solutions.
1. It’s too cold to get up!
‘This is one of my favourite excuses,’ says Leech, who suggests making a fool-proof plan to get you out of your warm and cosy bed; ‘Put a heater in your room and set it on a timer so it starts cranking twenty minutes before you wake up. Additionally, lay out your workout clothes the night before so you can literally jump out of bed and put them on. If that fails, recruit an exercise buddy and enforce a ‘no cancellation’ policy between you’ he suggests.  Read More

The complementary medicine claim game – scientific fact or marketing fiction?

This blog post was written by Tess Wilson, a Membership Consultant with Australian Fitness Network. A former competitive swimmer, Tess is passionate about healthy living and the life-enhancing power of healthy, nourishing and delicious real food.

The use of complementary medicines in Australia has increased significantly in recent years. Supermarket and pharmacy aisles are awash with vitamins and minerals marketed to consumers with a promise to temper the risk factors associated with disease, recapture ‘lost’ energy, and ‘enhance performance’. Accessible, convenient and seemingly healthy, it’s little surprise that (propelled by powerful industry advertising) millions of Australians have been quick to adhere to the multivitamin trend. But do the health claims made by the companies producing these products stack up?

In Australia, the advertising of complementary medicines is regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code, which aims to ensure that the ‘mad men’ marketers behind the advertising of these products do not mislead or deceive consumers. According to the code, an advertisement for a therapeutic good must not provoke unrealistic expectations of product effectiveness or imply that it is a reliable substitute for sufficient nutrition.  Read More

I put this up my nose to enhance my performance (legally!)

This post was written by Bel ‘The Fonginator’ Fong, avid triathlete and Senior Course Coordinator with PT and fitness education provider fitnessU.

Ever run with a blocked nose? Horrible isn’t it? Anyone who participates in any form of physical activity – especially competitively – knows how important good breathing is. Not just breathing – good breathing.  As a triathlete I’m always on the lookout for new techniques and tools to (legally) give me a sporting edge, so I was intrigued to hear about a piece of kit called ‘Turbine Sports Breathing Technology’.  Read More

2015 Fitness Industry Award Winners Announced

2015 Fitness Industry Award winners announced

The Fitness Industry Awards, coordinated by Australian Fitness Network (‘Network’), acknowledge the work of individuals and organisations who give so much to the industry, and to the wider community, in an effort to change more lives for the better. Presented annually during the FILEX fitness industry convention, the awards showcase truly inspirational figures and groups.

On 10 April, before thousands of industry peers at the Melbourne Convention Centre, Network announced the 2015 award winners:

Steve Jensen - Lifetime Achievement
Managing director and owner of Impact Training Corporation and the National Sales Academy, Jensen has influenced and trained literally thousands of fitness professionals around the globe through his legendary sales and communications workshops. For more information visit: www.impact-training.net  Read More

FILEX 2015 - that's a wrap!

The annual FILEX fitness convention and Fitness & Health Expo were held from 10 to 12 April 2015, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

FILEX is owned and organised by Australian Fitness Network (Network). Network’s CEO Ryan Hogan, says, "The event was fantastic, with 120+ presenters delivering more than 250 sessions over three days. It's no wonder the 2,000+ delegates who attended over the weekend delivered such rave reviews in response to their experience!"    Read More