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1 thing I’ve learnt: You must remain relevant in the fitness industry

Group Fitness Guru Marietta Mehanni reflects on one key lesson she has learnt from her three decades working in the fitness industry.

One key thing that I've learnt from my time working in the amazing world of fitness is that, in an industry that can reflect the fashion adage ‘one minute you are in and the next you are out’, staying relevant is super important.

Some fitness concepts – like working out in a group – are here to stay, but that doesn’t mean that the formats don’t change over the years.

Freestyle aerobics got overtaken by highly choreographed classes, which in turn have ceded ground to circuit, HIIT and other functional training formats. And, believe it or not, sooner or later these will also give way to other formats.

The key is to seek out, read and stay up-to-date with the shifts in science and trends and lock onto something that is congruent with your philosophy. Your core beliefs may never change, but the way you deliver them will. White knuckling onto knowledge and exercise concepts that you learnt when you first came into the industry is a sure route to obsolescence.

Be prepared to let go of long held ideas when there is an overwhelming tide of evidence proving an alternative way of training or coaching.

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