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Brief summary of the monthly Network fitness information enews

Network’s July eNews takes a look at a varied selection of topics, kicking off with news on a method which has been developed to diagnose overtraining syndrome. Then there’s more research pointing to the mental and physical benefits of an active life in older age. Perhaps taking up ballroom dancing would be a good idea, as research has found that it can add a couple of thousand steps towards your recommended daily total, that hard-to-reach ten thousand steps.

And if your annual meeting with your tax accountant didn’t leave you feeling as flush as you’d hoped, Andrew Verdon is back with his PT business tips for the new financial year. If, on the other hand, the taxman deposited a larger-than-expected sum of taxback into your account then I hope you took time to properly appreciate the happy moment, as a study reported on in Group Ex & Mind Body News discusses the health benefits of taking the time to savour delicious moments such as these.

Speaking of delicious, there’s great Nutrition News on the health benefits of gorging on greasy burgers, deep-fried chocolate bars and excessive alcohol. Just kidding, sorry. Actually, it’s vegetables, tofu and green tea which, again, get the nod of approval after the findings of various recent studies.

In Club Corner we elaborate on one of the key findings of the 2009 AFIS (Australian Fitness Industry Survey) – that the quality of staff in your fitness facility will have a greater effect on membership and retention than any other factor. Plus, in Announcements we’ve got information on FitnessBiz ’09, the Network-supported half-day conference for small and medium-sized fitness businesses which will be travelling around Australia in August. There’s news on the Fitness Expo too, and of course the Book Review returns with the lowdown on Stronger arms and upper body which Network members can, as usual, buy for a special discounted rate.

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