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Fitness Industry Trends to Watch Out for 2010 and beyond

Recently myself and a colleague, Amy Bird, were lucky enough to head over to America to a couple of international fitness conventions to get a feel for what is happening overseas in the wide world of fitness. Certainly an eye opening experience, Amy and I identified the following 4 BIG global trends to watch out for, some of which have already hit OZ and some that are sure to come soon:

TRX and Suspension training. It seems like overseas every single personal trainer and even some group exercise instructors are incorporating the TRX or some other form of suspension trainer in their workouts or classes. This is the type of trend that can really catch fire (think of when the BOSU came out 10 or so years ago) as it is simple, portable, easy to implement and cost-effective for the average trainer. Very interesting to see some clubs installing +20 suspension trainers in a room and offering group classes for an extra fee! How long before some of these classes appear in clubs in OZ? Have a look at an example of the TRX in a Group setting by clicking here.

Dance, dance and more dance! North Americans have gone absolutely stir crazy with every form of dance you could possibly imagine! Some of the biggest Group X programs over there are dance-based. Watch out for anything involving Hip-Hop or Latin Grooves. Zumba, a hugely popular latin music based dance class, choreographed by a troupe of Colombians living in Miami, seems to be taking North America (and the world!) by storm, and looks to be launching in OZ very soon as well.

Kranking. No I’m not joking, this is actually the name of a new program developed by the creator of Spinning – Johnny G. Using your arms instead of your legs, Kranking is actually a fantastic concept and GREAT workout that really challenges upper body resistance and cardio fitness, something that not very many other pieces of equipment and programming have managed to do. All I will say is you have to see it and feel it to believe it, and I’m sure it won’t be too long before we’ll see it on OZ shores. It really is an inclusive program that anyone – no matter what shape, size or physical ability – can do, and therein lies its magic. To all the sceptics out there – don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! You can check out the machine by clicking here

In the business and education world, there seems to be a major focus on member retention and as such, developing good, solid Group X programs. This will in turn increase member participation in the programs, and as such retention. A number of international club chains are looking to increase their Group X participation to +35% of club entries, which would be a big achievement! Watch out for new Group X education to appear on the horizon to really provide good instructors to the industry.

Have you recently identified some trends or programs that are sure to take off in the next few years? We would love to hear from you, please do use the comments feature below!

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Posted by: @JTActiveMgmt | 09-Sep-2009 07:28 PM | 4 out of 5 stars

I have to agree that TRX and suspension training has a huge future! This will be an awesome resource for group training in a club and also for PTs!

I am currently with Zumba instructor in India and she raves about the program. Dance in recent years has re-invented itself and so I agree that the fitness industry must embrace dance and use it for good and not evil! That is, embrace it in clubs.

Kranking . . . energetic, enthusiastic and potentially dangerous. After watching this product at IHRSA this year, it was super popular. I would be very cautious of putting in a club owing to potential injuries.

There is absolute anecdotal research that proves Group X improves retention. The Round Table clubs around the world have statistics to prove what power Group X has on a club's retention.

You have missed a powerful trend for improving retention and sales . . . social media! Using the various social mediums are low cost and far reaching. Watch this space . . . Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and more will change the face of the fitness industry and our communication with members and potential members.

Posted by: Taylor Ryan | 26-Oct-2009 11:47 PM | 5 out of 5 stars

Great piece. I haven't seen kranking yet here in the US but I think my gym is a bit behind when it comes to their spin program. It sounds killer though.
Just out of curiousity what are some trends going on in Australia that aren't so dominant here in the US? I do women's workout training and Australia seems big on online personal training.

Posted by: Claire Owen | 17-Dec-2010 01:59 PM | 5 out of 5 stars

I think we'll be seeing ViPR training here pretty soon. Great concept, amazing functionality! I have just purchased a Starter Pack of 6kg/12kg combo and look forward to testing it out next week at Bondi!

Posted by: Anonymous | 16-Apr-2011 07:48 PM |

One word - CrossFit!