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One word to describe the reality of teaching with PPCA Free Music - FINE!

For this blog post I am putting on my ‘instructor’ hat as opposed to my sales manager one. Working at Network has given me some great insights into the inner workings of how clubs are changing over to using PPCA free music – but being an instructor I have also experienced it personally.

Along with many of my colleagues out there who have been teaching for a long time, I have had to recently restock my entire music library in order to continue instructing. I must admit that when I first heard news of the PPCA’s plans to massively hike up the cost of using original music in classes, and then when the Tribunal hearing ruled in its favour, my reaction was of surprise and dismay at the thought of not being able to use most of the music I have collected over the years. But, as with everyone else, I immediately began researching where I could acquire this new ‘PPCA-free’ music and began to buy.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of suppliers in the marketplace that provide music for traditional classes like Step, Aerobics and Conditioning but what seemed the most daunting was Indoor Cycling. I couldn’t even begin to imagine where I was going to begin to source top-notch music to get my participants motivated and energised.

And then it dawned on me – the focus of how we plan and teach indoor cycling was going to completely change. Gone are the days when we would hear a song on the radio, download it on iTunes and be playing it in class that evening. It was now going to require a lot more forethought to put a class playlist together.

Out of this whole process what I believe will take place is that we will become better instructors. We will have to plan and program our class BEFORE we select the music to match it, simply because we have less music to work with. And, as my colleague Tony said, ‘we are group exercise instructors, not DJs!’

What has your experience been in the changeover from original artist to PPCA-free music been like? Do you have any experiences you would like to share? Please comment below.

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Posted by: leonie Andrew | 07-Jul-2010 05:46 PM | 5 out of 5 stars

I love PPCA free music. The music is of better quality and digitally mixed and enhanced.

There is more variety to choose from and the sound quality totally awesome.

You can even buy music that is mixed by DJ'S .

My participants love it too...They don't know it is PPCA free but they like what they hear.

And further more I own a hairdressing salon and that is ALL I play and my clients ask where I get "that version from?".



I would never ever go back to paying a license fee and in fact I wouldn't use PPCA (music)if it was free!

Who cares about the original artist when what I have got everyone loves!

Our Fitness Center is totally PPCA FREE and we are saving money and gaining members.

Hot tip for around...there is some amazing music out there (All styles and era's) at a price less than we used to pay.

Love it . Love it. Love it! Thank you!

Posted by: Anonymous | 09-Jul-2010 04:09 PM | 5 out of 5 stars

I agree wholeheartedly. It will really separate the great instructors from the rest, as well as perhaps clearing out the 'dead wood'- instructors who are no longer passionate about what they do and can't be bothered to bear the expense or the challenge of the change. Yeah, it's frustrating initially, but I think it's a positive change AND sends a clear message that the Fitness Industry won't bow to big organisational pressure.

Posted by: Anon | 09-Jul-2010 04:55 PM | 1 out of 5 stars

As opposed to anonymous, I totally disagree. The fee being proposed is $1 per participant, max $15 per class, that seems fair. Now some gyms are saving the fee and making us buy PPCA free covers and not subsidising this cost, when they are the ones saving the money. I have 594 bodypump tracks, now at PPCA free gyms I can play about 20 of these! The rest they expect me to scrap and buy second rate "best of" covers. I get a major number of participants to my classes. When the gym I was at told me I could no longer play PPCA music, I left the bodypump class. When I was there I was getting over the past year 40 + every week. Their largest class. I have counted since less than 20 for the past 6 weeks. As opposed to losing "burnt out" instructors some instructors (such as me) will be going to gyms who play PPCA music. The numbers at my new centre have BTW doubled.

Posted by: Deborah Hanley | 09-Jul-2010 04:59 PM | 5 out of 5 stars

I love the fact that a setback that had the potential to add cost to the member's gym experience, was curtailed by the industry getting together and finding a solution! Great that we can fight the big guys, and win!

Lots of great music out there, as a yoga and Pilates instructor I do miss the personalization that my choice of music afforded me, and I am struggling to find enough really good quality mind/body music, a lot of it is a little bland. I know this will get better over time, as demand increases. If anybody has found some truly inspirational mind/body tracks,I'd love to know!

Posted by: ready for the challenge | 09-Jul-2010 05:02 PM | 5 out of 5 stars

Anon if you're only relying on your music to keep your classes motivated - you are part of the deadwood that Anonymous describes. I have never seen someone use the word "I" so many times in a comment.
I agree with anonymous - this only has the potential to make us better at programming which is something that as instructors we haven't always been the best at.

Posted by: BC | 09-Jul-2010 05:11 PM | 3 out of 5 stars

I agree with Anon in some respects. Having 300+ tracks of combat that are useless is pretty hard to take. It was a combination of both the music and the moves that inspired me to teach combat, and I really miss having the choice that I did. Teaching a number of classes a week, having only a couple of tracks to choose from for the warm-up and combat track, and only one track for abs - is tough going. I always took such pride in putting together an awesome mix from my extensive collection and knowledge of combat tracks. Now I don't have that. It doesn't mean I can't still teach a great class, and it's not just about the music - I do understand that- but even the participants are getting sick of doing the same tracks each week! :( And that's over $1500 worth of music wasted - I think that is the hardest pill to swallow!

Posted by: Mel Tempest | 09-Jul-2010 05:14 PM | 5 out of 5 stars

As an independent club owner and an instructor of 3 GF program providers plus freestyle classes, I have to say that the PPCA free music on the market is fantastic. I have been using licence free music for over 5 years in all my freestyle classes. My members love it, of course every now and then it may let you down but dont tell me thats never occurred with original artist music on a release.
Our club runs pre-chore classes who offer licence free music and the releases are great. There is a new demographic of exerciser and another generation of instructors coming through,
;the industry is changing and we must change with it.
Did you get into the industry for the original music or to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle?

Posted by: Anonymous | 09-Jul-2010 05:58 PM | 3 out of 5 stars

There's some great providers out there. One specifically for indoor cycling though that are pushing the quality expectations much higher. I am using the music from and my numbers have improved even against the highest rating RPM classes in my gym.

Posted by: Spinner | 09-Jul-2010 07:09 PM |

For such a huge change i do not believe that the fitness industry has supported us instructors. The prce of the ppca free cd's are ridiculously high when the tracks are half the quality of the real stuff. all the beats a monotonous there isnt much high and low to a track and if you want sprinting tracks its like trance music!

There isnt enough competition out there in the ppca free world and there needs to be so that they can lift their game to being better!

My classes are not the same and my participants know that. In saying that i think we all accept that it cant be as good as it was and we just have to get on with it. My numbers havent dropped but i think long term this will affect participants as there is lack of variety which in turn meas lack of motivation and drive to keep coming back.

Posted by: Anonymous | 09-Jul-2010 07:39 PM | 3 out of 5 stars

Well, firstly its a huge shame that I have loads and loads of awesome tracks that I cant use at all.. That has annoyed me the most. At first I was dumfounded but once I got over it and started sourcing PPCA free music the load was lifted. Theres some awesome stuff out there but the only problem is that it takes so much time to find. Once you find it, you listen to it, you check that its ok to use and then you have to choroegraph it.. Sometimes after buying a track Im finding that it just wont work and I have wasted time and money.. I think there is a great opportunity for some excellent musicians to cash in on this and provide us with some fantastic music rather than the stuff that is being produced. I think that most of the music being produced specifically for the fitness industry is quite lame and Im sure that it could be done better by some industrious musicians who would make a killing if they tried.. After all, this music is heard by so many people who may even buy it to listen to themselves!! So come on musos - give us something to work with!!!

Posted by: anonymous | 10-Jul-2010 01:25 AM | 1 out of 5 stars

I totally disagree as I always prepared my classes no matter what, what instuctor would quickly download a song think it sounds cool and not think about it training benifet in the class.It has taken away creativity and sound quality. You need different genre's of music to create contrast and this not avalible in the ppca music. I am using what is availible but please stop pretending that the ppca free music is anywhere near as good.

Posted by: Jessica Spring-Brown | 10-Jul-2010 09:19 AM | 5 out of 5 stars

As a Les Mills instructor I too at first felt that I had "wasted money" since we can't now use all our old tracks. But then I remembered all my great launch and class experiences I have provided for my members for Pump, Attack and Step over the last 10 years. I know of some instructors who were only teaching the new releases for a couple of weeks then going straight back to their "old favourites". Tell me how this is good for participants and indeed any different from the limited lists we have to choose from currently! The past is in the past, remember it fondly and move on into a new and brighter future. Also note that instead of taking the easy option and passing the cost of PPCA music onto INSTRUCTORS as is commonplace in other countries, the Fitness Industry did the right thing by us and supported us totally in our chosen occupation. Thanks very much!

Posted by: Andrew C | 10-Jul-2010 10:06 PM | 1 out of 5 stars

Ok for what it's worth I too have a massive back catalogue of Les Mills Pump, RPM and Attack - Now Les Mills are going to release BEST OF CD's and expect us to pay for that as well !!!!!! PLEASE Les Mills should take the initiative and give all those instructors that have been teaching for longer than 5 minutes FREE BEST OF CDS - It's ridiculous -

As mentioned what person in their right mind would download a song from iTunes and then teach that night - I thought the article was about us Planning and Programming our classes - this clearly demonstrates the lack of that happening from the author!

PPCA FREE music is pretty dodgy and YES there are a few stand out tracks but albums are completely overpriced and the music is BAD!

I also realise Fitness First contributed financially to the case but here's a thought - maybe if they paid for their club's license rather than upgraded their clubs (which don't need upgrading - they just want them to be streamlined........ to look nice) than we may not be in such a major crisis - C'mon like their gyms don't make enough money!

Anyway that's just my thoughts - Better to get it off my chest than not say anything as you want feedback..... It has really made me think though about continuing teaching though.........

Posted by: Anonymous | 11-Jul-2010 06:10 PM |

as someone involve in the les mills organisation i can confidently say that they are doing all they can to make the most of a bad situation. they def appreciate and value all the instructors who have been so supportive of their programs over the years (thanks andrew c) and this one of the reasons they invested over $350000 in the ppca battle. now Les Mills has been forced into spending many thousands of dollars every quarter to get the original music covered. so whilst i understand the frustrations of being made to pay for best of cd's, please also consider the situation that ppca has placed Les Mills in. i think the bottom line is that we are all just trying to do the best we can and if we are to place blame anywhere,, it is the greedy empire that is the ppca. looking forward to reading everyones on-going thoughts. thanks.

Posted by: seen it all before | 11-Jul-2010 09:19 PM | 4 out of 5 stars

I have some comments. As a freestyle cycle instructor, the changes forced me to spend more time on my music and class planning. I have found a terrific web site called
it is a US site which uses former master spin trainer, Jennifer Sage as its "trainer". For $100 US/year you get weekly podcasts, training profile, training updates on technique and physiology and music lists of which lots are PPCA free if you can spend the time checking it thru and check the parent record company. I find the current PPCA free stuff in Australia pretty average and too expensive for what you get. I also object to some of the sites taking the Power music playlists you get thru Itunes and doubling the price and claiming it as their own. Disgraceful!
There is plenty of great music that isn't covered by PPCA but you have to sit and work on it and plan how you will run your class. My classes have been brilliant (I think) since I revamped my music so although I could have done without having to trash my entire music collection including my LM stuff but i don't think it is the end of the world and some instructors are saying, this isn't the first time that there has been a massive upheaval in the FI, new instructors don't remember what i refer to as LBLM....Life Before Les Mills.
can I also say to instructors who trash FF ( but are happy to be paid by them ), I have worked in the Fitness industry around Australia and in the UK for over 15 years and I welcome a standard in facilities that is so lacking STILL in local fitness centres in Australia. FF is a leading light in how a business should be run and how to treat its staff, go OS and you will never see the type of rubbish gyms we have in Australia. Down the road where I occasionally fill in, is a "hot yoga" room where members pay for the privilege of a boom box in the back corner to hear their music while a boxing class continues next door, the other wall plays home to the smith machine, oh and did I mention no microphone. It is also PPCA free. Sad that the money this centre saved by not contributing to the case hasn't flowed through to the business itself. But alas I digress...we will all survive and still be teaching as we are in 12 months and two things will happen. a) people will start using PPCA music and hope they don't get caught - who are these spies anyway? or the music industry will be awash with PPCA music and we will learn to appreciate it!

Posted by: Anonymous | 12-Jul-2010 11:44 AM | 5 out of 5 stars

As a long time instructor and also a freestyler, I really haven't had any problem with getting good quality PPCA-free music. Fitness instructors on-line and Yes have a great variety; I had to spend about $200, but I've got a stack, plus I can still use some bodystep and bodyattack tracks also.

Posted by: R | 12-Jul-2010 11:48 AM | 1 out of 5 stars

I have been teaching aerobics for 21 years. With the cost of originally buying tapes, only to have them replaced by CD’s and now having my purchased music rendered useless because of the PPCA ruling, I have decided to take a break from teaching. I still have hundreds of tapes I can’t use, and now I have about a hundred CD’s I can’t use between cycle, freestyle aerobics, fitball, aqua, BODYPUMP, BODY STEP AND BODYVIVE. The thought of being fined $100,000.00 personally is a cost too great. I have had to re-assess the cost of teaching against the return from teaching. We have always been an undervalued resource at gyms and I am going to complete my personal training studies and perhaps take that direction in the future.

Posted by: Staying Positive | 12-Jul-2010 11:49 AM | 3 out of 5 stars

My experience has been pretty smooth really - I printed off sheets of the 'allowed' tracks from Les Mills as I am purely a Les Mills instructor - I made up 3 new mixes and it has been fine. Only 1 club that I work in is 100%ppca-free so I have been enjoying cramming in every old tune I can b4 time runs out. I feel robbed financially that discs I paid for (3each time!) have no place now at work?? The choice of a refund should be available but alas that will never happen.

Posted by: Anon | 12-Jul-2010 11:58 AM | 5 out of 5 stars

The frustration of old CDs (and tapes) being rendered useless is understandable - but I don't think instructors can expect Les Mills or whichever company they bought the old music from to provide refunds or exchange it for PPCA-free music. It's the PPCA and court that changed the rules, not the music providers.

Posted by: No drama | 12-Jul-2010 12:01 PM | 4 out of 5 stars

It's fantastic that Staying Positive has experienced a smooth transition. This author also discusses an important point- a feeling of entitlement regarding the cost involved.
Just as we work (in an industry we love) in order to put a roof over our heads and food on our tables, so to do companies such as Les Mills. No one could have forseen this attack on our ability to play music and now everyone, Les Mills and other music companies included, have to deal with the repercussions. I bet that all of these companies have had to outlay a great deal of money, time and manpower in order to even begin to meet our new music needs.

Posted by: PC | 12-Jul-2010 01:41 PM |

Yes, the decision has made teaching at private fitness clubs very “monotonous”. Only two Body Pump CD’s can be used!
I purchased a few PPCA Free CD’s whilst at Filex, and there didn’t seem to be any shortage of Music Companies offering PPCA free music.
However, like all other Freestyle Instructors, I have a massive library of fabulous music my participants love.
This music will be unusable at the end of this year if the Appeal is in favour of the PPCA.

Posted by: Jo Cordell-Cooper | 12-Jul-2010 02:37 PM | 4 out of 5 stars

Happy with the variety available for general population (AQUA) but if there are any music developers reading this I think the seniors will be a little unhappy as there seems to be a big 'duff duff' sound mixed into all their favorites - also the lyrics are sometimes a bit 'sexed up'.

Posted by: ABL | 13-Jul-2010 08:32 AM | 1 out of 5 stars

I'm a PT, not a group fitness instructor but I am a frequent participant (particularly spin) and let me tell you from the other side of the class PPCA music is terrible and if you think differently you are kidding yourselves. Listen to the chat in the change rooms and post coffee workout sessions and you will get the true feed back on what participant think of PPCA music. Pay the $15 per class and give us back "real" music.....PLEASE
Yes, from under $1 to $15 is a big increase but it was probably previously under valued.
I think the industry should accept the increase and focus on making sure future increases are equitable i.e. in line with CPI
The overall cost of, producing new PPCA music by companies such as Les Mills, purchasing new music by instructors and the loss in value of instructor libraries is a huge and that cost becomes the burden of a few to bear(mainly instructors) , where as if we accept the $15, increase increase memberships by $1 week it becomes a burden shared by many and ultimately those that stand to benefit the most..... the participant.
I would gladly pay a $1 a week more on my membership for great music!

Posted by: Wendy Watkins | 13-Jul-2010 11:10 AM |

I teach freestyle and Les Mills, I'm finding the quality of the PPCA free music disappointing. If anyone can recommend some good Hi Lo mixes please do, I am desparate. I am looking for 138-155BPM. So far I feel like I've waisted $200 shopping around, I don't feel I can inflict this music on my class again next week.

Posted by: Tanya | 13-Jul-2010 03:51 PM |

Hi Wendy, I recently bought a cd from Music & Motion called hi lo hits (ppca free) my classes love it and so do I. Have used another one called Get it started which I also like but it's one side step.

Posted by: Heidi Blasig | 13-Jul-2010 09:52 PM | 3 out of 5 stars

There is nothing wrong with PPCA free music, but the problem is it will always be a copy of the original and as consumers we always like to exercise our choice. Whether I bake a cake with home brand ingredients is my choice, and most people will not know the difference unless I tell them, and will also depend on how I want to market my product. Some people will be satisfied with this taste, some will not. Ultimately I think it should have been up to the members to decide which they prefer, my own andecdotal evidence suggests that most members are more comfortable being presented with original music, as most of us are when we listen to our own personal collections. How many people listen to a soundtrack of Coldplay cover versions in the privacy of their own home, not many I would suggest. For fitness centre to make this decision on behalf of both members and instructors is not in the public interest. Also if clubs are now promoting PPCA music as an acceptable alternative to original recordings why did they bother to fight for the cause in the first place. The ruling that was handed down was considerably less than what was anticipated and a more workable solution, involving members and instructors should be negotiated.

Posted by: Jack Caesar | 14-Jul-2010 07:38 AM | 1 out of 5 stars

I agree with ABL, the rest of your are stereotyped ultra positive fitness meat heads! Without our music, group fitness is 2nd rate.
The main reason I became a GFI was because I knew I had a massive music collection that I could tap into the true power of and I do. After every class I get told, "you play the best music!"
I truly believe I am one of the world's best GFI's but if we ultimately lose this fight. I will quit the same day.
Now watch all the Lycra warriors jump up and tell me, if I need the music Im not that good.
Crap! I never accept 2nd best in any aspect of my life and I certainly won't when it comes to something as crucial as this.
Good luck with the ghost classes you are soon to be leading,

Posted by: Rose | 14-Jul-2010 01:52 PM | 2 out of 5 stars

being a LM instructor for both BS & BP I am amazed that this fight has been going on for 5years. LM knew about it and the decision was always going to go in favour of the music industry. Why didn't they change over then? LM doesn't always use the original artist, not to mention their CD/DVD package has been hugely expensive over and above normal group fitness music, they put it down to paying licensing fees yet now I cannot use the music?? I cannot play BS as all track 2's are by original artists, tracks 1 to 3 are all joined together! So now I can only play BS80 which is ridiculous. My gym has stated that they will fine instructors who play normal music, it is in our contracts to only play non PPCA music. Is this a bit over the top??? Surely charging participants an extra $1 a week would be better than what is happening now - fear of being fined $100k?? Yes it has happened in the industry with the change of music but way back over 20years ago we didn't have the variety of classes we do now, there was only Low Impact, High Impact and that was about it. yes I will wear the cost, even thought I don't see why I should, I think it extremely unfair and wrong on all sides - the fitness industry for not recognizing that this is huge and going to non PPCA musis and PPCA for being extremely greedy now that they aren't getting the sales they used to get - yes lets target the fitness industry they now NEED MUSIC so badly that THEY WILL PAY! On another aside I also fail to see if the music artists are to blame - surely they get exposure through the group fitness instructors playing their music - just look at the program Glee, most artists have freely given their back catalogues! I hope it can all be sorted out as I really don't like being threatened with a huge fine, I also don't mention to my class that this is not the original artist, I put my classes together sometimes with a theme (madonna, 80's etc) music I like, programs that are hard or just fun not with "is it the original artist" some original artist stuff is horrible, some non original artist is great, I hope they come to MY class because it is FUN and they enjoy/get a good workout. Afterall yes the music plays a large part but even if you have the best music, it still might not work.

Posted by: 20 years in the game - LM + freestyle | 16-Jul-2010 04:58 PM | 1 out of 5 stars

I can't believe how many fellow instructors are so positive about having most of the "tools" they have accumulated over the time they have been teaching become made redundant by a decision made on their behalf without consultation. If you think you are making a stand against "the big guys", you are dreaming! The only thing that has happened is the "big guys" (your gym/franchise owners) are making a stand against the "bigger guys" (PPCA). They are saving money by refusing to use PPCA music, and YOU, the instructors, are the ones paying the price.

I can't imagine any other group of tradesmen or women who would just shrug their shoulders at a bureaucratic decision that resulted in their tools being rendered useless.

Once the PPCA court-case decision was handed down, the biggest chain in Australia didn't consult with their instructors on what action to take. They put their instructors in a studio and TOLD them what was going to happen.

This only further serves to prove how under-valued we are as GF instructors, and I think it's disgraceful that many of you out there seem happy to just roll over and take it.

I haven't heard that any of these fitness centres have passed on the savings they are making from PPCA fees to instructors in the form of pay-raises so they can go out and build their libraries again.

The sentiment in many of these posts makes me think that many leaving these messages have their own agenda. Are you a supplier of Non-PPCA music, or are you the owner of a gym who has 'made a stand' and conveniently saved yourself money at the same time??

The irony is that the BIG BOY in the fitness industry, who has been the first to use their muscle to go PPCA free, is the big player who can actually afford it. I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about. The reality is that it's the smaller operators that are trading on much 'leaner' margins that are the ones that will be unable to bear the financial costs of the PPCA fee raises. Ask the 'powers that be' at the EMPIRE and they'll tell you they made this decision to fight the music industry on behalf of the fitness industry and those smaller operators. I wonder if they were so concerned about the other 'little guys' that they put out of business when they opened clubs around the corner...

Posted by: J | 19-Jul-2010 02:35 PM |

Thanks for the info on the blog about a group ex instructor having to re-stock her music library with PPCA free music. I actually don't have the problem of having to use PPCA free music at the moment. I checked with the PPCA people and they said because I am a sole Trader (and considered a small fish) and hold classes in a hall, that at the moment I wont be charged the higher fees when they eventually come out. Apparently they (PPCA) at this point in time are targeting big gyms.

Regarding the PPCA free music, it doesn't really apply to me because I can't get any! I have always had a problem finding suitable music for the Gentle exercise classes that I conduct for the over 50s. This group like music that they can understand what the person is singing about and of course they love to sing along to the songs they know and remember from the past. I find it all very frustrating trying to find the elusive music and continue to use tapes from last century called Gentle Exercise 2,3,4. - number 1 died last decade and for whatever reason, because no masters of these tapes were kept by TRAX Music, they cant be reproduced onto Cds. This has been a gripe of mine and I've spoken to various people at Network and TRAX Music over many years now, with no results. We are all aware of the importance of exercise for the elderly; it is such a growth industry and a shame that no one has taken up the challenge of producing appropriate music of 128 - 129bpm max for this particular age group.

Posted by: Anonymous | 26-Jul-2010 08:41 PM |

Personally I really dislike the new change. The music we have to use is very boring- however participants still enjoy my class- but I am really getting over it! On a more positive note I am also a latin dance instructor. The new change has forced me to use some of my latin dance music to fill the class, it turns out everyone likes a bit of culture in their cycle class. YAY!

Posted by: Anonymous | 25-Aug-2010 04:17 PM |

From a class participant's point of view, regardless of the many different instructors I have experienced, the music is fundamental to the class . That (and the stupid recent changes to the choreo in BP) is why I have given up Les Mills classes after 7 years. The new music (and lack of choice given to instructors) is just intolerable. I'd pay more to have proper music.

Posted by: Anonymous | 25-Aug-2010 04:19 PM | 1 out of 5 stars

From a class participant's point of view, regardless of the many different instructors I have experienced, the music is fundamental to the class . That (and the stupid recent changes to the choreo in BP) is why I have given up Les Mills classes after 7 years. The new music (and lack of choice given to instructors) is just intolerable. I'd pay more to have proper music.

Posted by: Luzette | 05-Sep-2010 01:35 PM | 3 out of 5 stars

I am a group class participant - not an instructor - and have just read the above comments with a mixture of anger, disgust and awe.
"I think I'm the best GFI" - we participants loath prima donnas like you
"Second rate music"- who says the current popular artists are the best - there are plenty of artists out there who crate music just as good that can be used.
For those instructors who are complaining about the "lack of music"- how did you get the what you have now? - time and patience and continued releases!! - and that will happen again it will just take time - and you will once again have a great assortment of music to chose from.
I applaud wholeheartedly those instructors who have taken this in a positive direction and not been all doom and gloom. While I understand that there will be gym members who says forget it and leave I and my friends will not be among them - we have been saying all along that there is more music out there then just what is heard on the radio - this will give the unknown artist a chance to have their music heard.
My hope is that the mainstream artists realise that PPCA has shot them in the foot as they will lose even more revenue because of this ruling - gyms (even the little ones who manage the change correctly) and instructors (independent dance studios, clubs and pubs etc) will triumph out of adversity and be better for it.

Posted by: mark | 12-Oct-2010 11:52 PM | 1 out of 5 stars

Been a cycle instructor (part time) for a number of years. The PPCA "problem" has also I feel not been handled correctly. While the PPCA will indicate that they represent ALL music performances, they in fact only represent members and when pressed admit they represent only 70 to 80% of music. The percentage of music they do not represent is actually free to be used (provided of course your APRA license is current)
PPCA have an obligation to present to any reasonable request to find out if a song is covered by PPCA yet they refuse to do so.
Frankly, Les Mills and Fitness Aust (of which I'm a member) should have asked or should set up a test case. If PPCA refuses to provide this information freely so I can check easily if I am breaching copyright then their right to copyright protection is breached. With the advent of modern technology (the Net) it is easy to list all tracks and artists represented by PPCA . If they fail to allow Easy access to this information then they abrogate their responsibilities and forfeit the rights to copyright protection. Lets face it, you cant expect copyright protection and then refuse to provide easy access to information to allow an individual to not knowingly breach copyright. Do I sound like a lawyer?

On the music front......most of its crap. For every 10 tracks I buy 1-2 are usable. For a decent library to work with cycle, I'll need to purchase about 50 to 100 CDs which at the moment are just not there. They will be with time. A void has been created and will slowly be filled.

Posted by: Tim Graham | 18-Nov-2010 03:18 PM |

So how DO we find out if stuff is PPCA free or not, especially when buyign from iTunes?

I would even pay someone for a reliable answer to that question.

Posted by: Mark | 22-Jan-2011 12:45 AM | 1 out of 5 stars

Thats the point of PPCA NOT supplying that information freely. You cant check unless you forward information to PPCA which is onerous and excessive. They have a list of all music that they represent but they don't offer that information freely and therefore you cant select PPCA free music easily. The onus is on you as a user not to breach copyright, not on them to supply you with that information so that you can choose unlicensed music.
Interestingly, the PPCA is granted permission from the ACCC to continue as a monopoly licensor for its members. The renwal for this monopoly is due this March 2011. Clearly, the PPCA has used their monopoly position to extract unreasonable increases in license fees and therefore its clear the monopoly position a)has been abused by the PPCA and b) it is no longer in the public interest to allow the continued monopoly position of the PPCA is unwarranted in view of this and c) if the monopoly position is allowed to exist, they should publish freely on the net, a list of all artists AND recordings that they represent so we can select music that they do Not represent. I urge all clubs to place a submission also. I will be as an individual.