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The results of Network's first ever Group Fitness Instructor Survey are here!

Lesser variety of programs, smaller and fewer classes seems to be the name of the game in the current Group Exercise world. In the recent Group Exercise Instructor survey completed by Network it seems that the current scenario for practicing instructors is that less is better! This is perhaps not surprising, as the variety of possible classes you can teach has never been greater and the understanding one must have to teach effectively and professionally has also never been higher.

You can view the full Group X Instructor survey by clicking here.

Some interesting statistics from the survey show that most instructors (47%) work on a casual basis and teach on average 4 to 8 classes per week (40.8%). This is certainly down from the days when an average instructor would teach +15 classes and maybe even do it as a full time job! The average earning for a Group Fitness class, disregarding the style or modality varies greatly, with 27.7% saying they earn between $30 to $39 and 37% saying $40 to $49 per class.

Average class size for our survey respondents is 15 to 29 participants with 44.5% of respondents claiming those numbers. Interestingly, another 41.4% of instructors claim 1 to 14 members per class, which clearly shows a trend for smaller, more intimate group sessions where the attention is more personal, the results are measurable and there is a clear sense of community.

Not surprising is the amount of instructors who teach pre-choreographed type classes. But interesting to note that 24.7% of respondents to the survey claim to teach both freestyle and pre-choreographed programs. This clearly shows the clear space in the marketplace for both styles of teaching and the ongoing commitment of instructors to have the best of both worlds.

View the full Group X Instructor survey by clicking here.

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