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You Don’t Have To Be Thin To Be Irresistible

This blog post was written by featured Network presenter and friend, Justin Tamsett.

In recent weeks there has been ‘interesting’ media comments in regard to the global exposure of semi-nude model Lizzie Miller in Glamour magazine, who dared to have a roll of tummy fat.

The unfortunate problem with our society is that our opinions are shaped so much by the media and when I hear so many uneducated and ill-informed comments I get very angry. Some commentators when describing Lizzie did say she was beautiful . . . in the face.

The reality is this woman is a size 12 (far from a plus size model) and she decided not to be air-brushed. So what you see is what you get and she is fantastic! I am also prepared to wager that she does work out. When you look at her face, you can she radiates. There is natural glow in her skin and twinkle in her eye and from 20 years in the fitness industry, I know you get that from exercise.

Did you know that endorphins are released when you exercise? This hormone is the natural suppressant for adrenalin, the hormone that creates stress. And endorphins are released when you laugh, have sex and exercise . . . do all 3 at the same time and what a natural high! When endorphins – or as I like to call them dolphins – begin to move throughout your body everything changes for you. You will stand straighter. You will smile more. You will walk with more purpose. Your self esteem and confidence sky-rocket.  This may only be for a few minutes but for those few minutes you are irresistible to the world!

Your challenge lies in lengthening the time you feel good about yourself. This can be done by working out more often and with a goal in mind. You see working out is not all about getting slim, it is about making your inside healthy. And when you are healthy on the inside, you will look healthy on the outside and people love to be around healthy people . . . hence your irresistibility!

Justin Tamsett – I have been a health club manager and owner since 1993 and seen many people change their life through exercise. I am now a small business consultant sharing tools to profitably run small to medium size business. I am also a corporate speaker on ensuring work-life balance with an innovative YENO Wellness Quotient. You can go to my blog or follow me on Twitter @JTActiveMgmt as I strive to lower the health care costs for Australia!

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