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Are FILEX and the Fitness Expo the same thing?

If you work in the fitness industry you’ve probably heard of FILEX. And you’ve probably also heard about the Fitness & Health Expo. Some people have mentioned cool training gear they bought at FILEX, while others have said the same about the Fitness Expo. So are they the same thing?

In a word, no. But they are held alongside each other, because those who attend one of the events will probably have a strong interest in attending the other one as well.

So, what is the difference between them?

FILEX is a 3-day convention of educational lectures and workshops for people who work in the fitness industry. It is owned and operated by Australian Fitness Network, and runs in the Convention Centre in Melbourne. It is predominantly of interest to those who work in all facets of the fitness industry, from Personal Trainers, Group Exercise instructors and nutritionists, to gym owners, salespeople and physiotherapists.

The Fitness & Health Expo is what is sometimes called a trade show – where you can buy fitness equipment, clothing, music, courses and numerous other fitness-related goodies. It is owned and operated by Talk2 Media & Events and is held in the Exhibition Centre in Melbourne. It is of interest to those who work in fitness and those who are interested in doing so, as well as those who are into fitness for their own sake, but not for a career.

The events run side-by-side because there's a lot of crossover interest – i.e. those attending FILEX are interested in checking out the latest fitness equipment and stocking up on training tools, clothing, music and more.

So why do so many people get confused and think that the Expo is called FILEX?

It’s an easy mistake to make:  many years ago the two events were delivered under the same brand. They’ve long since been independently owned and operated, but good branding sticks, so it’s not surprising that in some people’s minds we are one and the same.

To throw another spanner in the works, some people also get the LES MILLS LIVE event mixed up with FILEX. This is for the same reason; the LES MILLS LIVE instructor upskilling event is held in the Convention Centre concurrently with FILEX, because many of the mad-keen fitness types who are Les Mills Instructors want to attend FILEX sessions as well as LES MILLS LIVE. And when you’ve travelled halfway across this wide brown land to reach fitness nirvana, you want to pack as much in as you possibly can!

Do we mind getting mixed up? Not really – we have a great relationship with the Expo team and the Les Mills team! But for the sake of anyone planning on attending any of the events, we think it helps to make the distinction clear.

So, now you know.

We look forward to seeing you at FILEX. Or Expo. Or LES MILLS LIVE. Or – even better – all of ‘em!

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