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Are Personal Trainers being paid the correct rate?

A media release from the Fair Work Ombudsman this week highlighted the issue of confusion around pay rates for personal trainers who are employed by fitness facilities.

The Level 4 PT was back-paid $9,800 after questioning his wage, which for 19 months had been paid at a level beneath that commensurate with his qualifications and experience.

The employing fitness facility willingly took on the advice of the Fair Work officers and corrected pay rates for its entire staff.

The case illustrates the lack of understanding in relation to pay rates among employers, and begs the question of club managers, 'are you paying your staff at the correct rate?' and of PTs, 'are you being paid the correct rate?'

What is the minimum wage for fitness professionals?
Minimum wage is different on different days of the week and is affected by other conditions. It also rises annually, so find the most up-to-date information at the Fair Work website and then scroll down and click on the ‘Fitness Industry Award 2010’ file – this shows the correct rates for different days and conditions.

Find out all the details in the full media release.
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