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You’re the best in the business? Show me, don’t tell me

The saying goes that first impressions last, and there’s probably much truth in that – though arguably, given enough time and opportunity, it may be possible to disprove someone’s negative perception of you. But why waste time trying to correct a bad impression when the alternative is creating a great one in the first place?

Another saying goes that ‘actions speak louder than words’ and this is a message that applies to several of the ‘10 must-do's’ to make a great first impression that Pete Gleeson details in this feature in the Autumn 2019 Network magazine. A PT that tells everyone how great they are is not going to impress as much as the PT that demonstrates the same sentiment. From habitually tidying the gym floor in front of members, and avoiding hanging around chatting to colleagues, to conducting your own training in a time-efficient, creative and varied manner, setting an example of exemplary respect, best practice and professionalism will be the most effective marketing you can do.

Pete’s presenting at FILEX, the fitness industry’s annual convention that takes place next month, and so are several other authors in the Autumn 2019 Network magazine, from Marietta Mehanni, who shares her Perspective of the current state of play of the industry, to sports nutritionist Brian St. Pierre who discusses the challenges of the energy in-energy out equation, and exercise scientist Dr Morwenna Kirwan who has some interesting tactics to strengthen clients’ willpower.

The Network team will be checking out these guys’ sessions, and a whole lot more, at the ICC in Sydney between 12 and 14 April 2019. Network Members get the best available rates, so we hope to see you there!

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