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Don't let perfection be the enemy of better


This post was written by Alisha Smith, Co-founder of FUEL Women's Fitness Business Summit,

I’m a reformed perfectionist. I was the kind of child who would sit up until midnight, crying because my English homework wasn’t good enough, or re-writing my notes from every class because my handwriting wasn’t neat enough. Failure seemed catastrophic.

As an adult, business has taught me that I will fail sometimes, that I will make mistakes sometimes, that I’ll handle things poorly at times – but that all of those things are not only human and humanising, they’re also a basic tenet of business.

I know that when I drag my heels on doing something, it’s usually because the inner perfectionist is saying ‘this won’t be good enough, you’re going to fail’, and because I’m scared that in the failure, I’ll be letting down my team, my business partners, my clients.

But the real lesson is two-fold:

1. If it IS perfect, I probably waited too long to release it (and then the demand may no longer exist); and

2. There are very few failures that you can’t come back from.”

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