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Finding the missing piece of the puzzle in 2018

It’s a fact of the fitness industry that a lot of good people don’t make it past their first couple of years. Note I use the term ‘good’. These are people overflowing with the know-how to help clients and members achieve their goals. Where they often fall down is on the business side of things. The admin, the marketing, the sales.

Jamie Hayes, a man who knows a thing or two about carving out a long and rewarding career in this industry, recently reflected in the Summer 2017 Network magazine that ‘to have a great career in fitness, you need to learn how to sell fitness. …I’ve seen too many talented, educated fitness professionals leaving the industry because they had not developed selling skills.’

This sentiment was echoed by Ingrid Thompson in her article on establishing your own Pilates business (though her advice is equally applicable to any fitness business), ‘It’s a shame when these skilled individuals are unable to turn their passion into a successful business, which is why I am such a strong advocate for investing time in learning the business skills to compliment those you have as an instructor. There’s no point in being the best Pilates instructor in your suburb if you can’t pay the rent and instruct anyone.’

In his feature in the same issue, industry stalwart and renowned straight-talker Justin Tamsett doesn’t mince his words; ‘It doesn’t matter how well you train clients or how flash your facility is, if no-one knows about you, or it, then you won’t be successful.’

As we reflect on the year just gone, it’s natural to take stock of the various achievements we enjoyed and challenges we faced. For a great many of us, the ability to effectively sell our amazing services falls into the latter category. To help push it into the former in the year ahead, let’s make 2018 the year of filling in those knowledge gaps. Sales and admin may not be sexy for most fitness professionals, but being successful and positively impacting more lives most definitely is.
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