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From tricky teens to guilt-laden mums, we welcome all

Fitness professionals' clients are many and varied. Although each has their own unique qualities, certain behaviours and needs will often be apparent across the population to which they belong.

In her article 'How to thrive in your classes for teens' Mel Morony identifies some smart strategies for training groups of teens. Many instructors struggle to deliver satisfying classes to teenaged school groups, but as Morony writes, by setting expectations, establishing mutual-respect and recruiting tools to help maintain focus, you can deliver a far more rewarding experience for you and your young participants.

At the other end of the spectrum, in 'Understanding mum guilt in your clients' Theresa Prior looks at the unique considerations when training ‘mum clients’, especially with regards the guilt that they commonly feel when taking time to look after themselves rather than their children. A little extra understanding of her situation and competing demands, as well as acknowledgement of the sacrifices she has to make, can go a long way.

Just as with demographics, not all training that is collected under the same banner is identical. High Intensity Interval Training has become ubiquitous in recent years, and for good reason – it can be a time-efficient, social and effective way to get results for those who can stomach, and stick to, its demands. But, as Tony Boutagy explains in 'More than one way to HIIT your goal', HIIT comes in a variety of sub-types. You’ve just got to find the one that suits your training goals and, for the sake of adherence, your preferences.

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