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Get results in 2017 with the Adventure Motivation Model

This blog post was written by Di Westaway, Chief Adventure Chick with Wild Women On Top

As all PT’s know, it’s hard to motivate people to get off the couch. Our passion for fitness and health is no guarantee of theirs. Most of the 85 per cent of Australians who don’t move enough think exercise is boring, painful and tough or they’re too busy, anxious or exhausted to bother.

If you’re struggling to get new clients or motivate old ones try adventure motivation, try looking beyond races, competition, discount memberships and weight loss to the magic of adventure.

I’ve discovered that if you offer people a tantalising adventure challenge with their friends, give them a workout plan and train them in nature, you’ll even get working mums and couch potatoes moving.

Sixteen years ago, I was a frumpy, frazzled, fed-up mum fighting forty. It was not fun. I was not OK. I’d lost my laugh. I’d lost me. Then out of the blue a friend’s personal trainer invited me to climb Mt Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere. This adventure transformed my life.
A couple of years later I read The Wellness Revolution by economist Paul Pilzer. This gave me the confidence, as a single mum immersed in a night-marish divorce, to embark on a big hairy audacious goal. Friends called me foolish. My kids thought I’d lost my marbles.

With no money and no business skills I started a new fitness business. Since 2009 I’ve helped nearly 20,000 people lead healthier, happier lives using adventure to motivate them. My team creates journeys with happy endings; adventure workouts with women that work.

Adventure is exciting and thrilling. It motivates even non-believers to get fit, connect with kindred spirits and delve deeper. Adventure is not a race; co-operation trumps competition. 

Adventure is a state of mind but active adventure in nature is a state of mind, body and spirit. It enhances physical, mental and emotional toughness and adds pleasure to the pain of puffing.

Fitness legends Nigel and Lisa Champion choose active adventures like climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and Coastrek 30-60km Team Trekking Challenge. Guy Leech Paddling motivates thousands of adventurers to be their fittest selves. The Bold & Beautiful gets hundreds of ocean swimmers up for a daily micro-adventure from Manly to Shelly Beach at dawn. Power Living Yoga motivates with retreat adventures.

With 63 per cent of Australians overweight and one in six battling mental illness, people desperately need our help.

If you’d like to transform more lives and lead an adventurous life in 2017, use the adventure motivation model. Adventure ignites three key motivators: purpose, people and plan. And it brings buckets of benefits by creating pleasure and power.

Adventure Motivation Magic
1. Purpose
: A challenge like a trek, a kayak expedition or a mountain bike trip gets your clients excited and committed.
2. People: We love doing stuff with buddies. They’re the glue that keep us accountable and connected.
3. Plan: Adventure provides an exciting destination but you provide the awesome training journey. This structure gets results.

In addition to the increased physical fitness, there are two other incredibly important benefits of the adventure motivation model:
1. Pleasure: Natural adventure boosts our endorphin, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin (happy hormones) while dulling puffing pain, because we’re distracted by natural elements and friends.
2. Power: Active adventure involves paleo hunter-gatherer activities which enhance power through functional body movement and metabolic resistance. And who doesn’t want to look like Tarzan and Jane?

But you don’t have to create your own mega-adventure or ditch the gym. You can share all the motivation benefits without stress by:
1. Brainstorming thrilling adventures with your clients
2. Googling options and operators 
3. Researching the challenge 
4. Creating an adventure specific wild workout plan.

KAPOOOOOWWWW! You’ve got happy, healthy, connected clients who love you, love your workouts, love their adventures and love your adventurous lifestyle. And if you get it right, your clients will bring more friends for their next adventure.

Doctors call it Lifestyle Medicine. We call it adventure. Get your dose today.

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