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I’ve just qualified as a personal trainer/fitness instructor – what do I do now?

Congratulations! The fitness industry is a really positive and vibrant industry to work in. You have the skills and power to hugely improve, and even transform, people’s lives – and there aren’t many professions in which you can say that.

So – now you’ve got your cert III or IV in fitness, what do you need to do to get started working in the fitness industry? There are a few things.

1. Get registered – most employers will require it
You may plan to run your own studio or training operation, but most people will start out by gaining experience working for an established gym or fitness facility. Most club owners/operators will require you to be registered with a fitness industry registration body before they will employ you or contract you to work in their facility. Why? Because registration (which requires proof of ongoing education every two years) helps to maintain high industry standards.

Fitness Australia’ and ‘Physical Activity Australia’ and Fitrec are industry registration bodies for fitness professionals in Australia.

When you register, your registration lasts for 2 years. After this you will need to renew your registration by proving ongoing education. This is where membership of Australian Fitness Network (known as ‘Network’) can be very useful – see below.

2. Consider becoming a member with Australian Fitness Network
In order to renew your registration with one of the two registration bodies mentioned above, you need to prove your ongoing learning in the fitness industry by doing courses that earn you credits (CECs for Fitness Australia or PDPs for Physical Activity Australia).

This is where membership with Australian Fitness Network can be very beneficial. It’s not compulsory to become a member with Network – but it’s very helpful to do so because it provides you with access to 8 CECs (or equivalent PDPs) annually at no extra cost – that's 16 in each 2-year period. Fitness Australia requires you to provide evidence of having earnt 20 CECs within each 2-year period, so membership with Network is a very cost-effective way of achieving most of these (and as a professional development resource it should be tax deductible).

Network Membership also provides big discounts on its vast range of other online CEC courses, as well as on the fitness industry’s big face-to-face event, FILEX, which has credits attached.

And why should you trust Network? It was established way back in 1987 and has been leading the way for the Australian fitness industry ever since, through ongoing education courses, events and information/publications.

3. Get Professional Indemnity Insurance. Why?
Most facility owners/operators will require you to be insured with ‘public liability and professional indemnity insurance’ to protect you against potential legal action from clients and members.

Network Members can take out Network Insurance which covers a fitness professional’s specific needs. Other insurance is available, but Network Insurance is the most affordable option if you are a Network Member. HERE is where you can find out more.

4. Get to work!
So, now you know what to do, you can set the ball rolling on your fitness career. It’s an amazing industry to work in. At Network, we believe that the membership we offer – coupled with fitness industry registration – makes you more employable, keeps you connected to developments in our industry and supports the development of a long and successful career.

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