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The greater the challenge, the sweeter the reward?

It’s often said that nothing worth having comes easy, but maybe that’s no bad thing. Smooth sailing’s nice and all, but without challenge where’s the real satisfaction?

The Summer 2016 issue of Network magazine is packed with features addressing various challenges we face in the fitness industry, from that of recruiting the right people to be on your team, to keeping instructing skills and classes fresh (for the sake of both you and your participants). Australian Fitness Network’s Director, Nigel Champion, discusses how we can face the increasing challenge of childhood inactivity, while Fitness Australia’s CEO, Bill Moore, reflects on the difficulty PTs encounter from clients expecting them to give dietary, as well as training, advice – and urges the industry to re-evaluate what we can do about this.

Elsewhere, in the Real World PT feature, Shannon Pigdon admits that the biggest challenge of being a PT is introducing new concepts to people that conflict with their existing beliefs. In this vein, Greg Sellar explains how challenging what you think you know to be true can improve your mental mobility and open you up to positive new ways of thinking and doing.

Some of these challenges may be perceived as unwanted, but of course there are also those that we deliberately seek out. Susy Natal looks at the factors to consider when ‘regular’ clients decide to challenge themselves by training for competitive powerlifting or bodybuilding. It’s not for everyone, but it’s easy to see the appeal of rising to the challenge of being a ‘real athlete’, even if just for one event.

Do you always choose the easy path, or is it a case of 'no guts, no glory'?
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