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To the Year of Continuous Improvement

As the year draws to a close many of us will take stock of what we’ve achieved in the past twelve months, as well as reflect on the challenges we’ve faced. Some difficulties are unexpected and out of our hands, whereas others may be the result of our own actions, or inactions.

Perhaps you couldn’t influence your most regular client’s decision to move interstate, but if you hadn’t neglected your lead generation, maybe you wouldn’t have struggled to fill the subsequent timeslots in your calendar. There’s always a lesson to be learnt from these occurrences – and the key to staying in the game is to put them into place so we can continue to grow in both experience and success.

Whether you’ve been working in fitness for 30 years or 30 weeks, there’s always lots more you can learn. And, in fact, the fitness professional that doesn’t continually evolve through ongoing professional development simply won’t make it to that 30 year mark. Or even the 3 year mark.

Change doesn’t have to be huge and sudden to enhance the service you deliver and the operation of your business: it can be a gradual tweaking of the programming you deliver, a staggered introduction of new exercises and training modalities, a subtle streamlining of your payment and administration processes.

The Summer 2018 issue of Network magazine features a profile of Network Member, Mark Hurdle, in which this award-winning PT and fitness manager takes inspiration from the Japanese term 'Kaizen' to sum up his fitness and life philosophy as ‘Constant and measurable improvement.’ ‘By being the best version of yourself today’ he says ‘you create a better tomorrow’. Here’s to continuous improvement, and to making 2019 a year of better tomorrows.
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