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What is immersive fitness – and can you use it to boost your business?

This post was written by Australian Fitness Network’s Editor, Oliver Kitchingman.

It’s always interesting to see which fitness-related stories get picked up by the mainstream media. Often it’s negative reports about fad diets, body-shaming and extreme workouts unattainable by mere mortals – after all, who doesn’t like to tut-tut and roll their eyes at these misguided souls?

It’s always good, therefore, to see more positive stories getting noticed. Recently, reports on ‘augmented fitness’ and ‘entertrainment’ have been gaining traction, in part due to the large crowds they are drawing. Kayla Itsines, a fitness instructor and PT from Adelaide, has been attracting thousands of devoted fans to her fitness tours at venues around the world, due in part to her legion of over 5 million Instagram followers. Sydney, meanwhile, recently saw the BUF Girls Bootcamp teaming up with a radio station to deliver what it describes as a ‘fun and immersive fitness experience’ to hundreds of women.

No strangers to mass fitness participation, the team at Les Mills have also embraced the concept of immersive fitness. As the company’s Immersive Product Manager, Chris Richardson, explains; ‘the trick is to actively engage the people attending our facilities by providing an environment that heightens the senses, creates the desire to repeat the experience and, most importantly, encourages them to share it with others.’ Les Mills is using technology to do this in its audio-visual cycle class, THE TRIP.

What these differing options have in common is their delivery of inspiring experiences that take the chore out of working out and put the fun and community in. The fact is, many people do not enjoy exercising enough to make time to do it. The concept of distracting participants from the hard work by making fitness fun may not be new – but, evidently, there are always new ways to achieve it. Are you ready to get immersive?

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