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What is YogaFit?

This post was written by Lisa Greenbaum. Lisa holds her E-RYT 500 in yoga and is the Program Development Manager for YogaFit Australia and Director of YogaFit Canada.

Perhaps the most common question I have been asked since I began my own training journey with YogaFit is ‘What exactly is YogaFit?’

The answer is actually quite complex. To the yogi’s, YogaFit is a Hatha-based Vinyasa style of yoga. To fitness instructors, YogaFit is a fitness-inspired yoga program designed to build strength and flexibility. To students, YogaFit is yoga for everybody and every body – a user-friendly yoga offering options for stronger or simpler poses and flows. It encourages us to be in the moment, to let the poses fit our own bodies and to let go of judgement, expectations and competition. Essentially YogaFit is yoga for the fitness industry –  yoga for the masses!

As an established school at the forefront of bringing traditional yoga practices to the scientific-based Western society, our curriculum exceeds the highest of Yoga Alliance standards. We offer a modular format for our standardised certification programs that allow each student to customise their own unique training path and learn at a pace that works best for them. Our material is accessible and taught by highly trained and experienced fitness and yoga professionals at workshops all around Australia. Through a multidisciplinary approach, students from every background are able to learn and contribute to group work and discussion, also establishing life-long friendships and expanding their network.

Because YogaFit was initially created with the fitness industry in mind, one of the biggest misconceptions is that we are not a ‘real’ yoga school. As an accredited yoga school we must follow Yoga Alliance standards, therefore we study all aspects of yoga including Sanskrit, yoga history, philosophy, mantras, mudras, pranayama, chanting and sound therapy – not just the physical practice. The only difference is in the way we present this more esoteric side of yoga – i.e. in an accessible format. Our 200-hr program is broken down into a series of Levels. We begin by introducing the Fundamentals of yoga (level 1-2 and Anatomy) and then through each level we slowly build. Our programs weave in yogic elements with scientific evidence to support. 

Whether you’re looking to expand your own personal yoga practice or are interested in teaching, YogaFit Fundamentals offers the tools you need to begin.

YogaFit Fundamentals is for those beginning their yoga teacher training journey. The training lays the foundation for the YogaFit teaching style. The learning includes physical execution of 65+ poses, transitions and class structure and effective cueing with YogaFit’s Transformational Language to suit the various learning styles of our students. In addition, two full days are devoted to Yoga Anatomy through YogaFit’s Seven Principles of Alignment (SPA) following proper anatomical alignment of the body and ensuring a top level of safety for the poses. At YogaFit we meet you where you are and believe that the poses are meant to fit the body rather than the body trying to fit the pose.

YogaFit has been leading teacher trainings since 1997. Since then, YogaFit has become the leader in mind/body fitness education, offering 200, 350 and 500-hour programming, numerous specialty programming including: YogaFit Sweat, YogaFit Kids, Older Adults, Pre-Post Natal, Ayurveda, Therapeutic programming and our more recent YogaFit for Warriors program, teaching trauma-informed yoga.

YogaFit is the official yoga teacher training provider for Australian Fitness Network, registered with Yoga Alliance Australia for both 200, 350 and 500 hours and offers CECs for Fitness Australia, Yoga Alliance, ACE, and canfitpro. All trainings can be taken at your own pace without expiry or membership dues.

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