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What’s the difference between Australian Fitness Network and Fitness Australia or Physical Activity Australia?

You may have just qualified as a fitness professional in Australia – getting your cert III and/or cert IV in fitness.

You’ve heard mixed and confusing messages about having to register and become a member of some fitness organisations before you can start working. And something about insurance too.

Let’s clear up the confusion.

What are ‘Fitness Australia’, ‘Physical Activity Australia’ and Fitrec?
Fitness Australia and Physical Activity Australia and Fitrec are industry registration bodies for fitness professionals in Australia. Most fitness facilities will require you to be registered with either one of these bodies before they will employ you.

When you register, your registration lasts for 2 years (or 1 year with Fitrec). After this you will need to renew your registration (which is where membership of Australian Fitness Network comes in very handy).

What is Australian Fitness Network?
In order to renew your registration with one of the registration bodies mentioned above, you need to prove that you have been doing ongoing learning in the fitness industry and earning credits for doing so (CECs for Fitness Australia or PDPs for Physical Activity Australia. The Fitrec system differs, visit the website for details).

This is where membership with Australian Fitness Network can be very beneficial. ‘Network’ was established in 1987 – the very early days of the fitness industry – and has been leading the way for the Australian fitness industry ever since, through ongoing education courses, events and information/publications. It is not compulsory to become a member with Network – but it’s very helpful to do so. Why?

Membership with Network gives you access to 8 CECs (or equivalent PDPs) annually at no extra cost – that's 16 in each 2-year period. Fitness Australia requires you to provide evidence of having earnt 20 CECs within each 2-year period, so membership with Network is a very cost-effective way of achieving most of these. Network Members also receive substantially discounted rates on its wide range of other online CEC courses (as well as on the industry's main face-to-face annual convention, FILEX, which has CECs attached).

So – why DO you need to register with a registration body?
The aim of registration is to maintain high standards within the industry.

At Network, we believe that the membership we offer – coupled with fitness industry registration – provides the best way of achieving this – making you more employable, keeping you connected to development in our industry and setting you on the right path for a long and successful career. We are stronger together.

It is also worth noting that failure to remain registered over a number of years may result in you needing to re-do, or partially re-do, your qualifications should you later wish to be employed by a business that requires registrations to be proved.

What about ‘Fitness Insurance’ – do I need that?
Probably, yes. If you want to work in a gym/ club/ fitness facility, the facility owner/manager may require you to be insured with ‘public liability and professional indemnity insurance’ to protect you against potential legal action from clients and members. As a Network Member you have access to Network Insurance which is designed specifically for fitness professionals. Other fitness insurance is available, but if you’re a Network Member then Network Insurance is the most affordable insurance in the fitness industry. Click HERE to find out more.

There are lots of other benefits to being a member with Network – all designed to help you lead a long and successful career in this great industry. Click HERE to see the various other benefits of Network Membership.

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