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Why Barre Attack is the next big thing for your gym

Potential members are curious about what makes your club different to – and better than – your competitors, and current members are always on the lookout for some fresh new formats. So what ticks the box this year?

Dance fitness fusion, Barre Attack, is one of the most popular fitness formats to hit Aussie studio timetables in 2017. These small group classes, with a specialised dance and Pilates slant plus high intensity pace, hits the sweet spot of modern fitness.

Today’s fitness consumers want three things: noticeable results, in a faster time and, of course, fun!
They’re time-poor, so a 45-60 minute fitness format is ideal. Barre Attack is a tightly honed, 45 minutes, including warm up.
They want results they can see and feel. And they don’t mind working hard for the body they crave. And what is that? In 2017 clients wants longer, leaner muscles – the strong ballerina body of Barre Attack.
Finally – people love fun fitness – bouncing off that energy and those endorphins flooding the room to an upbeat sound. Barre Attack is a small class with a specialised focus, choreographed to cracking tunes.

Already available across selected Fitness First and Virgin Active clubs, there are currently hundreds of qualified Barre Attack instructors throughout Australia, who are already reaping the professional benefits of delivering this unique program.

Pioneered by former professional ballerina Renee Scott, Barre Attack is a moderate resistance-based total body workout. It’s designed for females who are serious about new-age strength training – feeling the muscle burn and gently build, without lifting heavy weights.

Developed in Australia for Australians, Barre Attack requires no license or ongoing fees, making it the ideal solution for any fitness/health professional, studio or health club seeking to attract new participants and get results that their clients and members love.

Barre Attack delivers a smart fitness edit of the best moves for women. Women want to target the ‘problem zones’ of legs, butt, thighs and tuckshop arms.
A Barre Attack class blends together ballet moves at the Barre, resistance band thigh-blasting moves plus heart-pumping cardio.

In the Barre part of the class it’s all about modified ballet moves. Participants learn traditional ballet terms like first position, second position and plié. At the barre, you’ll have one hand on the barre while your legs and butt get a serious work over.

As you move into the resistance part of the class, clients loop large elastic bands over the Barre for resistance. These exercises strengthen core, arms, back and legs.

To smash those calories, you’ll take participants through different cardio intervals to help them get the blood pumping and drop those kilos.
Now is the time to leap on board this fast-growing, dance fitness format for Aussie bodies, so check out how to add Barre Attack to your timetable.
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