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Why does boxing for fitness pack such a powerful punch?

This blog post was provided by the team at Boxing for Fitness. 
Boxing for fitness is nothing new, but with more personal trainers incorporating elements into their training, especially in small group training and outdoor group sessions, we thought we’d take a moment to remind you exactly why it is a serious winner when it comes to a strong body composition and burning fat (and, crucially, keeping it off for the long term).

It’s really intense…

The main difference between boxing and your everyday workout is the intensity. Boxing provides a higher intensity, anaerobic style workout which pushes your whole body to full exertion. Yes, it sounds a little daunting, but guaranteed that once you start to get into a routine your fitness levels will begin to drastically increase. Another key benefit of this intensity is that it keeps working your body and burning calories long after your session has finished, due to your sustained metabolic rate after each session.Another great benefit is the variety of cardio exercise and resistance training in a boxing for fitness session. This variety provides the right combination to strengthen both your muscles and your bones, which can increase density and help to prevent the development of debilitating diseases like osteoporosis later in life.

…but it’s really fun (and good for your mind too)

How many times have you turned up to the gym with no clear direction or enthusiasm for your workout? That was a rhetorical question. We already know the answer. Boxing for fitness, on the other hand, is engaging, social and, due to its speedy effects on fat loss and body composition, highly motivational too. At the end of a boxing for fitness session the odds are you’ll see a bunch of exhausted but satisfied looking participants who have boosted not only their physical fitness but also their self-esteem, knowing they’ve given it all they had by pushing their minds and bodies to newer heights and making new friends in the process.Boxing for fitness is a great way to relieve stress too. Sure, exercise in general has many physical and mental health benefits, but being able to let out your fury on that punching bag takes the cake. This physical outlet lets you punch and sweat out those built up negative feelings, while at the same time replacing them with endorphin-fueled positive ones.

Boxing for fitness provides a powerful workout that fuses resistance with cardio training. This cohesive bond between the two will leave your body in a higher metabolic state that burns fat for longer, even after you’ve finished your workout. Plus, on a mental level, you’ll leave feeling like you've really achieved something. So, if you're uninspired and seeking a new way to work out, you might want to pull on your gloves and channel your inner Muhammad Ali.

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