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Would you try ‘cockroach milk’ to gain muscle?

Almost every week there’s a new supplement, a brand new ‘thought’ on muscle building, or the next big thing in dieting that’s going to take your sessions to the next level. Recent research by the Institute of Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine in India released evidence that the new key to muscle gains is thanks to the humble cockroach. Yep, the cockroach.

Mouth-wateringly referred to as ‘Cockroach Milk’, the researchers successfully recreated a liquid that’s naturally excreted from the Pacific Beetle Cockroach during childbirth. As the only species of cockroach that births live young, instead of laying eggs, this ‘milk’ provides all the nutrients to the freshly born roaches. Full of protein, fats and sugars, it’s essentially a super juice that’s completely balanced.

Dr Sanchari Banerjee and her team of scientists found that cockroach milk proteins are slow release and provide all your essential amino acids, making it a substantial and nutritious supplement. If you’re worried about how one consumes such a thing, don’t be: the team produced the key components of the cockroach milk into crystals, so there’s no need to go loading some creepy crawlies into your blender.

While the muscle gaining attributes are great, it’s real potential lies in the impact it could have in poverty stricken areas where starvation and malnutrition are at epidemic levels. Given its high calorie count and the fact that it’s 4 times as nutritious as cow’s milk, these cockroach milk crystal proteins can hopefully be manufactured in huge bulk and used to provide desperately needed food for impoverished communities.

Back to the exercise side of things, and it’s important to note that if you’re leaning or attempting to lose weight, this is certainly not for you. At three times the energy of buffalo milk, all amino acids and slow release proteins, cockroach milk is one of the most high calorie, nutritious substances on earth.

It will be a while until it can produced at a substantial rate and made fit for human consumption though as bio-engineered yeast and artificial sweeteners and the like will need to be toyed with in order to make it a viable product.

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