Bodyweight athlete Program

As a Bodyweight Athlete you are the epitome of strength, fitness and finesse. You are the ultimate version of yourself and you understand that a great workout is about way more than just increasing your reps and load.

Bodyweight Athletes understand how to manipulate workouts in order to obtain impressive skills and feats of strength. This is why – for rock star athletes like you – the revolutionary Bodyweight Athlete program is a fitness dream come true.

Bodyweight Athlete

Global Bodyweight athlete

The Bodyweight Athlete program is delivered by Global Bodyweight Training, which was founded by Mike Fitch – the brains and brawn behind the Animal Flow phenomenon. In Australia, the program is powered by Network and consists of an online component and a two-day face-to-face workshop taught by Mike himself.

This course is open to any individuals who are serious about their bodyweight training. So regardless of whether you’re a personal trainer, a group exercise instructor or a fitness enthusiast who doesn’t work in the industry or hold any qualifications, if you have a passion for serious training and are interested in learning about graceful athleticism and how to master impressive skills and feats of strength, then this is the program for you.

Bodyweight Athlete

The Bodyweight Athlete program will teach you how to perform advanced calisthenic moves within the context of a highly structured fitness training program. You’ll get detailed workouts on a daily basis, all of which are specifically designed to progress your skills towards what we call the pinnacle moves, which are:

  • muscle up 
  • handstand push up
  • single arm push up
  • single arm body row
  • pistol squat
  • handstand
  • L-sit
  • human flag, and
  • back lever.

You’ll also learn how to supplement your training days with recovery sections including mobility, myofascial release, core, breathwork, and movement sequences including Animal Flow. And you’ll explore loaded training including options to strategically incorporate kettlebells or dumbbells to improve your bodyweight practice.

The online component of the course includes:

The First 33 Days

For the first 33 days of the program, you’ll get daily instructions from Mike Fitch on what to do that day. He’ll explain that day’s activities in an intro video, and then point you to the instructional videos you’ll need. It will take you the full 33 days just to get through the first complete round. After that, you’ll have your worksheets and training patterns to keep you going for a very long time thereafter.

9 Patterns

The core of the program is structured around 9 basic patterns (5 movement and 4 static), with each of them having one or more pinnacle exercises you’ll work toward within that pattern. For example, in the vertical pull pattern, your first pinnacle will be the regular full pull-up. your second pinnacle will be the false-grip pull-up. And then you’ll get into the muscle-up. You’ll start out at the most regressed variation, the double-leg assisted pull chin-up. From start to finish, there are 17 exercise progressions just in the vertical pull pinnacle series.


For the first two weeks of the program, you’ll be focused on assessing your current capacity within each pinnacle line. We’ll give you detailed instructions on how to determine what we call your “threshold” exercise within each pattern. That threshold will become the basis for your practice sessions and worksets later on.


We’ll give you tools to track your daily progress in each area. Exercise Instructions: For every exercise in the program, Mike gives you a detailed video tutorial with clear voice over instructions. Separate videos introduce you to the basics of each pattern and show how to get set up.


Your recovery days are just as important as your training days, so we’ve included a lot of programming to keep your body in top form. Sections on mobility, core, self myofascial release, and breathwork will be used on these recovery days. You’ll also learn some valuable movement sequences to incorporate on your training days.

Loaded training

Mike will also show you how to incorporate weights into your workouts. You’ll learn how to use kettlebells, dumbbells and other weights in a strategic manner, relying on the specificity principle. That means that your loaded training will be building up the strength you need to enhance your bodyweight practice and get you closer to smashing out those pinnacle moves.

Important Information

As mentioned earlier, in Australia the course consists of an online component and a face-to-face workshop, which will be delivered by the program’s founder Mike Fitch. It is ESSENTIAL that you complete the online video section, prior to attending the workshop; this is because the purpose of the live workshop is to help you work on your specific skills, and to take you to the next level; it is NOT to teach you the basics of the program. At the workshop it will be assumed that you are familiar with the terminology and have taken the time to complete your assessment for each Pinnacle line. For this reason, we strongly recommend you access the online section of the program at least 45 days before your face-to-face workshop date, so you have time to complete the online portion of the training.

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Remember: you MUST have completed the online component prior to attending the face-to-face workshop. For more info, or to purchase the online program, visit
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