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Network’s Fitness Australia-approved Pre and Post Natal courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills to safely prescribe exercise for pre and post natal clients. These courses are a must for all fitness professionals wanting a more in-depth understanding of programming for women through the different stages of pregnancy.

Developed by the leading experts in the area of pregnancy, postnatal and pelvic floor fitness, our team of instructors and course presenters comprises physiotherapists and fitness professionals specialising in women’s health.

pre and post natal
pre and post natal

Pre & Post Natal Trainer Course Details

  • Gain a sound understanding of the physical and physiological changes in the pregnant and post natal body
  • Learn how to modify exercise programs through each trimester of pregnancy
  • Delivered online and on DVD, courses can be completed from the convenience of home!

Australian Fitness Network’s Pre and Post Natal courses consist of the most up-to-date information pertaining to all aspects of pre and post natal fitness. Course completion will see you graduate with the confidence to teach clients in a safe and effective manner, and the comfort of knowing Australian Fitness Network will be here for you as a source of ongoing support.

Exercise for Pregnancy and Post Natal - Preggi Bellies

This course explores:

  • Physical body changes during pregnancy and how these changes affect the ability to exercise
  • Each trimester during pregnancy
  • Benefits of exercise during pregnancy and postnatal for mother and baby
  • Essential modifications for the pregnant client based on physiology
  • Guidelines for exercise during pregnancy and returning to exercise postnatal
  • Common complaints during pregnancy ie. Pelvic Girdle and Low back pain
  • Core stability and Pelvic Floor (Rectus Diastasis, prolapse and incontinence)
  • Post Natal Depression
  • Contraindications to exercise

14 CECs

Ante Natal Core Training

This course explores:

  • Postural changes during pregnancy and the wall posture check method
  • Exercises for Pregnancy Back Care
  • Teaching pregnancy abdominal bracing during different stages of pregnancy
  • Pelvic floor muscle exercises during pregnancy
  • Identifying risk factors for the pelvic floor and how to modify exercises to protect the pelvic floor during pregnancy
  • The effect of birth on the pelvic floor
  • Measuring and recording of abdominal and pelvic floor muscle fitness changes during pregnancy
  • Measuring and recording Rectus abdominus diastasis changes during pregnancy
  • Modifying exercises to protect the pelvic floor during pregnancy
  • Screening, identifying risk factors and when to refer a client to a continence and women’s health physiotherapist

5 CECs

Trimester: Training for Labour

This course explores:

  • Strategies for preparing clients for labour and birth in the fitness setting
  • Aerobic conditioning tools for mental preparation for labour
  • Overview of the three stages of Labour
  • Strength training strategies that can be used in the third trimester to prepare for labour
  • Stretches which enable specific preparation for labour and birth positions
  • Ways to prepare the pelvic floor for birth and postnatal recovery
  • Using training intensity changes for labour training
  • Modifying resistance exercises to protect the pelvic floor during pregnancy
  • Teaching clients relaxation and breathing awareness strategies to use in labour
  • Application of relaxation principles to using in the postnatal period to assist the adjustment from pregnancy to motherhood
  • Preparing and equipping clients with a postnatal recovery plan
  • Referring clients for postnatal physiotherapy or medical follow up when required

2 CECs

Early Post Natal Programming

This course explores:

  • Postnatal posture assessment
  • Early programming to improve posture
  • Postural strengthening and awareness exercises
  • Postnatal rectus abdominus diastasis assessment
  • Assessment of the postnatal core
  • Postnatal pelvic floor instruction
  • Teaching postnatal abdominal bracing and technique correction
  • Building levels of postnatal abdominal exercises
  • Postnatal fitness checks
  • Assessing postnatal abdominal muscle control
  • Integrating pelvic floor protection with progression of postnatal exercise
  • Referring postnatal clients for physiotherapy follow up

4 CECs

Advanced Post Natal Programming

This course explores:

  • Increasing core recruitment as postnatal clients progress with their training
  • Testing using an abdominal stabiliser
  • Increasing core recruitment with functional retraining
  • Functional pelvic floor testing in relation to exercise prescription
  • Urinary incontinence and exercise
  • Returning to sport and fitness for postnatal clients
  • Exercise levels and progressions for returning to running postnatally
  • Balancing and building abdominal load with control – the athletic core
  • Retraining and building resistance
  • Other resources for instructors working with postnatal clients

3 CECs


  Network members Non-members Enrolment
Exercise for Pregnancy and Post Natal - Preggi Bellies $379 $479 Enrol now!
Ante Natal Core Training $109 $139 Enrol now!
3rd Trimester: Training for Labour $69 $99 Enrol now!
Early Post Natal Programming $89 $119 Enrol now!
Advanced Post Natal Programming $79 $109 Enrol now!

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