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As the new year gets under way, more potential clients are toying with the idea of personal training. By offering a complimentary consultation to prospects you can open the door to a simple three-step conversion process, says Aaron Whear.

The best way to convert more prospects into clients is to offer a no-obligation, complimentary consultation valued at whatever you usually invoice for 60 minutes of your time. Once the prospect agrees to take you up on your free offer, go through the following three steps to increase your conversion rate.

Step 1. Medical history and motives for getting fit

During the first 20 minutes get your prospect to fill in a Par-Q form (medical history) in order to cover your legal duty of care. Additionally, ask as many questions as you can to find out why they are interested in personal training, what results they are after and why achieving these results is so important to them. Going through this process will demonstrate your professionalism as well as the fact that you are serious about helping them.

Step 2. Physical workout

The next 20 minutes is spent doing a physical workout. Ask your potential client which areas of their body they most want to work on. Once you are armed with this information, focus the 20-minute workout on their ‘problem areas’. While you are doing the workout, educate your client on things like Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and explain that you will work them hard enough to get maximum results in minimum time, but that you definitely won’t work them so hard that they will feel sick or get injured while they train with you.

Make the workout as interesting and exciting as the prospect’s level of ability allows. They will often compare the workout with what they have done in the past, so if the workout you deliver clearly demonstrates a point of difference, you increase your chances of making a sale. Practical ways of showing a point of difference include doing partner activities such as focus mitt boxing, using interesting pieces of equipment, such as Gymsticks or kettlebells, and making sure you finish off the session with at least two PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretches. An additional benefit of doing a workout as part of your consultation/sales process is that the exercise will release endorphins and make the client feel good about the time they have spent with you.

“An additional benefit of doing a workout as part of your consultation/sales process is that the exercise will release endorphins and make the client feel good about the time they have spent with you.

Step 3. Present price and options for success

Now that you have spent 40 minutes with the prospect you should know a reasonable amount about them and have developed a good amount of rapport. Now is the time to deliver your price presentation, which should include the line ‘based on what you have told me about your goals, time availability and budget, in my professional opinion I believe there are two ways we can go about achieving the results you are looking for: option A or option B – which one can we get you started on today?’

From here your prospect will do one of two things. They will either agree to one of the options you have presented or they will raise an objection. If they agree to your offer, simply organise the paperwork and book their first session. If they raise an objection, isolate exactly what it is and then offer a solution that you believe is in their best interests before presenting price again.

With practice, this three-step complimentary consultation formula will turn your 60-minute investment of time with potential clients into money in the bank.

Aaron Whear
The managing director of Career Fitness, Aaron is renowned for his practical and profitable solutions for people involved in the fitness industry. His unique approach to the problems fitness businesses face has won him accolades throughout Australia and overseas. For information on developing your own personalised business scoreboard email Aaron at


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