3 USP’s your club needs in 2017

What makes your club different to the others in your neighbourhood? To gain and retain members in 2017 you need some Unique Selling Points that will give you the competitive edge says Mel Tempest.

Every club needs USP’s to differentiate it from the ever-increasing competition. I actually believe that your club needs 7 USP’s, one for each day of the week, but I’m not going to do all the work for you… To get you started, though, here are my top three.

1. A unified and passionate team

Your first and most important USP is your team. Your team needs to be based on service, unity and a belief in what you sell. Without these components you have nothing but an employee collecting his or her wage. We are in an era where it is more difficult to find those people, so I suggest you invest in your asset by seeking out talent from your members and clients. Your most regular and dedicated members are paying for a service they enjoy; they probably know your business better than some of your staff. Though for some roles they may need to hold fitness qualifications and be registered with an industry body, if the person is an amazing fit for your club, this outlay could cost you less money, time and effort than that caused by having a high churn of poor-fit individuals. If you do need to look outside your club, however, specialists in team recruitment can assist.

Regardless of how you recruit, you should ensure your business has policy and procedure booklets and induction manuals in place. This way, everybody starts off on the same page.

Remember, your team will spend more time with each other than with their own families, so regardless of politics, your team must pull together. Without unity you have nothing.

2.Integrated wearables

Everybody is wearing a smart watch, a heart rate monitor, a fit bit or some type of activity monitor – but is it helping your business? These wearables control what your clients are doing, with the results they read after a workout influencing where and when they next train – in your club, or at the boot camp down the road?

There is a way to harness the power of wearables to influence clients’ training decisions, results and, ultimately, their continued membership with your club – but it isn’t by relying on outside sources. In short, you need to own the wearable system in your club. Wearables that you sell from your club will create a community, a tribe, a ‘social common factor’ that brings your members to your club – and inspires them to sell your business for you by singing its praises to friends and family. I suggest you seek out a wearable company, install it in your club and up sell it to your members. This will then create a community and enable you to run easily measurable events and challenges that foster a tribe culture. Members will communicate with each other as they will have a common factor, they’ll share their results and encourage each other. Other members will want to feel part of the tribe, so they in turn will purchase. Control the environment, control the result and retain your members.

3. A bespoke club app

In 2017, a multi app for your club will help your club not only survive, but thrive. A multi app can replace your website, take membership sales, send messages on behalf of your club, create community challenges, and communicate with both members and non-members who have downloaded it.

We posted our app on our social media platforms and invited the whole community to download it free to help them achieve their health goals. In return, they have full access to all our club notifications and promotions. The effect of the app is similar to that of the wearable tech, in that it creates a community and a social common factor.

In the new era of fitness, having pieces of equipment sitting down the back of the gym is no longer a unique selling point: A USP is an environment of united people combining passion with technology to create a community of healthy members.

Mel Tempest is the owner of Body & Soul health club in Ballarat, VIC. She is also a group fitness consultant who works with fitness facilities looking to increase their group fitness revenue. meltempest.net