// 7 reasons for joining a personal training round table

by Justin Tamsett

As a fitness professional you understand the value of personal training and group training because you know that they will get results for your members and clients.

But why is this?

Personal training gives your clients a program designed to meet the goals that they wish to achieve. There is a weekly appointment to keep them on track and hold them accountable for the workouts between sessions.

Group training offers social interaction which makes working out fun. Participants meet new people every class, they share successes and workout failures with each other and help keep each other motivated toward reaching their goals.

And how do your members and clients know if they have reached their goals? By some form of measurement. Whether it is scales, fitness testing or how their clothes fit, there is an objective way to show improvement rather than just subjective feeling.

The question that must be posed to every fitness business owner is this: ‘If it’s good enough for your clients or members, why isn’t it good enough for you?’

In other words, to help clients and members get results they enlist outside support. To help your business get awesome results why don’t you enlist outside support? Support that will design a personalised program; support that will hold you accountable; support that will keep you motivated; and support to help you reach your business goals?

One of the keys to business success is belonging to a master mind group, or a Round Table. Here are the top seven reasons you should consider joining, or establishing, a Round Table:

1. Being held accountable

Accountability can improve performance in two ways.Owners are great at coming up with new ideas and improvements for their business; their failure is in disciplined follow up and implementation. Secondly, owners frequently know what changes are needed (fire this person; move that person; stop training this person; eliminate this product), but the decision drags on and as a result profits suffer.

2. Being challenged

Complacency sets in; we adjust our goals to meet our performance; we think we are doing the best we can.

Joining a Round Table exposes your business to a smart set of other personal training business owners (often one person businesses as yours may well be) who challenge you to grow and improve in a way you yourself never will.

3. Being questioned

Your ideas, plans and decisions are strengthened and improved when they are questioned by other caring, smart business thinkers.

4. Being acknowledged

You make a stunning accomplishment and your friends or staff say, ‘Oh, that’s nice.’ Only other business owners can truly recognise your challenges and successes. It is energising and deeply rewarding to share your successes and have them fully understood and appreciated by your peers.

5. Being listened to

Many times a business owner simply needs to be listened to as he or she works through a situation or problem – thinking out loud. Round Tables offer a sounding board, which is particularly useful for owners of small set-ups such as personal training businesses.

6. Being motivated

Every business owner can lose energy, and even hope, at times. Things just seem to pile up. Being a member of a Round Table means you have a group that can commiserate with you, support you and boost you up when you are down. It may not solve every problem for you but it can help you manage your attitude.

7. Growing

Sharing between members of a Round Table allows you to see how others do things better and differently from yourself. Comparing business numbers in depth allows you to see if your business is performing as it should be.

Plus, having the chair of your Round Table bring industry news, views and other industry knowledge enhances the experience of every member.

These seven facets of the Round Table experience all contribute to your growth as a business leader, as a business and as a person.

Summer Nelson is the owner of My Trainer Corporation, one of Australia’s premier health and wellness providers. Her team of personal trainers provide convenient and effective fitness Seven reasons for joining a personal training Round Table

services to clients in their Melbourne homes or workplaces. Summer has been a member of the Personal Trainers Round Table for eighteen months, and has found enormous value in the program; ‘By focusing on my key performance indicators and implementing the strategies we have shared, we have doubled our turnover and session numbers in 6 months. I would recommend the Personal Trainers Round Table to any business owner who wants to develop a strong and profitable business.’

Heidi Dening is the director of Jump Start Outdoor Training in Sydney, the ex-Chairman of FitnessNSW Personal Trainers Council and a well respected convention speaker. She advocates the benefits of master mind groups, saying; ‘Round Table has been the best initiative I have had for my business. It has made me accountable, which has meant that I now don’t let anything slip through my fingers. It all gets done when it should get done, and this means that my bottom line keeps on improving. To be able to have my own mentor group that I can turn to at any time for advice has been an absolute saviour with all the big and small decisions that I have to make.’

With a new year upon us, you have two choices as a business owner;

1. Do the same in 2007 as you did in 2006 and achieve the same results;

2. Do something different in 2007 and achieve different results!

That ‘something different’ should be becoming part of a master mind group. To find out how, visit www.activemgmt.com.au/roundtable


Justin Tamsett
A former personal trainer and current President of Fitness NSW, Justin has been in the industry since 1988. He is the owner of Active Health Club and Active Management, which facilitates Round Tables for Australian and New Zealand health clubs and personal training businesses, with the primary goal of helping them achieve more with less work. To find out more go to www.activemgmt.com.au, call Justin on 02 9980 9089 or e-mail jt@activemgmt.com.au