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As part of its commitment for the fitness industry to deliver high quality, safe and effective services to the public, Fitness Australia recently launched its ExerciseSafe initiative, incorporating a new smartphone and tablet app designed for fitness professionals and the wider public.

As part of the process, Fitness Australia and Sports Medicine Australia, together with the Australian Research Council, have supported the Australian Fitness Industry Risk Management (AFIRM) Project. The AFIRM Project has brought together leading experts in risk management, exercise science, injury prevention and the law to generate data on industry practice, to review contemporary regulation and safety protocols, and to produce training resources for the industry to enhance client safety.

The resulting AFIRM resources and manual will assist fitness industry professionals and businesses to identify and manage risks; understand the principles, processes and frameworks that inform the risk management environment; and understand the legal environment within which fitness environments in Australia operate.

In addition to the AFIRM Project, Fitness Australia has recognised that outdoor training is a significant and growing aspect of the contemporary fitness industry, and created the ExerciseSafe App in order to provide the fitness industry and other stakeholders with an assessment tool for the delivery of fitness services in a safe and suitable outdoor environment.

The ExerciseSafe App, which will be made available soon, enables trainers to enter and access information relating to location, safety and park features; calculates a suitability for exercise, or ExerciseSafe score; supports the integration and implementation of local government outdoor training policies; and will capture and record information for further analysis by Fitness Australia.

Source: Fitness Australia

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