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Over one in three Australians with sight problems may be the unhealthy and unhappy poor cousins of those with 20-20 vision, according to new research released by a network of Australian eye clinics.

PersonalEYES clinics surveyed almost 800 Australians who have, or have had vision issues, and found that 35 per cent of respondents admitted to reducing their exercise cutting back on social activities due to poor sight.

Dr Chandra Bala, eye surgeon with PersonalEYES said, ‘You don’t imagine that poor vision will have such an impact across so many aspects of a person’s life, but this study proves sight issues effect overall physical and mental wellbeing.’

Physical and mental wellbeing among the thirty-something age group was found to be the hardest hit by poor vision, with sight issues forcing 45 per cent of this demographic to reduce their exercise and one in five to cut back on social activities.

‘Because sight problems have such far reaching effects, we encourage Australians to seek solutions to vision problems. In some cases, glasses will work perfectly well, in others surgery can give excellent outcomes. In all cases, in my clinical experience, we often see our patients’ general health and wellbeing improving when their vision problems are treated’ Bala said.

Source: The Ideas Suite PR

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