Title: A Journey Into Yin Yoga
Author: Travis Eliot
Publisher: Human Kinetics, ISBN: 9781492557227
Details: Paperback, 296pp
RRP: AUD $49.99 OR $39.99 when you use the code HK20 to SAVE 20% at the checkout HERE.

Review by Wendy Lim, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Australia

A Journey Into Yin Yoga by Travis Eliot is a great overall handbook for eager students starting their yoga and yin yoga practice.

The first four chapters cover the origins of yoga, tao, yogic physiology and the science of yin yoga. These chapters step you into the history, principles and science and anatomy behind yoga and yin yoga. It provides a clear and interesting framework for those completely new to the subtle science behind yoga.

The book covers the yin yoga poses in a simple and clear way, with photos, guidance on duration, benefits, risks and contraindications, alignment points and suggested modification and other options. There is a handy table of contents, to look up all poses and a few suggested sequences.

Throughout the book, short interviews about people's personal journeys to yin and yoga are shared, which are real highlights. Eliot introduces pranayama and meditation practices, as well as guidance on developing a personal practice which is really helpful for beginners.

Overall, the book is a comprehensive guide for beginners and a great companion for those exploring yin yoga practices at home or on their own.