Title: The Women’s Guide to Triathlon
Authors: USA Triathlon
Publisher: Human Kinetics Australia, ISBN-13: 9781450481151
Details: Paperback, 288pp
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Review by Sarah Koen, Membership and Participation Manager Triathlon NSW

The Women's Guide to Triathlon is an informative, practical, all-encompassing 'manual' for getting started or increasing your base knowledge in the sport of triathlon. It covers the many areas of triathlon including equipment, training, health and nutrition, and balancing life and sport in a no-nonsense, down to earth way. Any potentially confusing jargon and technical terms are well explained and the various diagrams, tables and photographs support the facts in a visual way. For triathletes already involved in the sport, this Guide includes information on how to improve, progress and increase competitive distances in a safe and sensible way to avoid injuries long term.

Each chapter is written by a different and inspiring female, an 'expert' in their specific area, such as coaching, injury and illness prevention, or swimming, riding and running. They write from years of experience which gives the reader confidence that they are learning from the best. They are all involved in triathlon in some way, but are also mothers, full time workers, and have lives outside of triathlon too!

I'd recommend the book for any women in the early stages of their triathlon careers, as it will put you in good stead to prepare for your first race. It's also a helpful guide for stepping up to the next level, whatever that may mean for you. In fact, men will also find the guide handy for deciphering the mystery that can be triathlon when you first discover the sport!