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Title: Essentials of Eccentric Training
Authors: Dr Len Kravitz & Aaron Bubbico
Publisher: Human Kinetics Australia, ISBN-13: 9781450468305
Details: Paperback, 280pp PLUS online video
RRP: $71.30 OR $60.61 for Network Members when buying online HERE and entering the Promo Code network15.

Review by Tony Boutagy

Eccentric muscle actions are a fascinating phenomenon: why can we lift more weight than during concentric actions? Why do we get so sore after performing them? Why are they so helpful to the rehabilitation to tendons? On and on, there is a seemingly endless list of questions we can ask of the humble eccentric muscle action.

There’s nobody better to answer these burning questions than Dr Len Kravitz, considered by all to be the foremost scientist and educator in the world in the area of physical fitness and personal training.

The primary strength of this book is that Kravitz, who is incapable of writing a boring sentence, makes even the most complex concepts in muscle physiology and anatomy easy to understand. In fact, after reading the book, it is impossible to not be excited and enthusiastic about eccentric muscle actions – my fingers can barely type fast enough to finish this review and go out on to the gym floor to experiment with some of the training methods Kravitz’s student and co-author Aaron Bubbico has included in the book!

There are scintillating chapters to dazzle the brain cells and refresh the memory on the structure of muscle and the function of muscle actions. Chapters exploring eccentric training methods, the effects on metabolism and muscle soreness (and how to reduce it, if that interests you!) and then six chapters with useable ‘take home’ information on the effects of eccentric training on strength, endurance, power development, weight reduction, hypertrophy and rehabilitation. Theory into practice, for every conceivable condition faced by the modern personal trainer.

Eccentric actions are half of the muscle actions personal trainers perform every training session. This book is highly recommended to learn about, and how to effectively train, these muscle actions. Five stars out of a possible five.


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