Title: Pregnancy Fitness
Authors: Julia Di Paolo, Samantha Montpetit-Huynh and Kimberly Vopni
Publisher: Human Kinetics Australia, ISBN: 9781492552420
Details: Paperback, 296pp
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Review by Lisa Westlake, owner and Director of Physical Best. Lisa is a physiotherapist, highly regarded fitness instructor and a sought after presenter.

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Pregnancy Fitness is authored by three highly qualified women’s health professionals with the combined backgrounds of physiotherapy, fitness trainer and psychology – and all with extensive experience in women’s health and especially pre and postnatal fitness.

The opening chapters write, with a positive and proactive approach, about understanding your body and the effects of pregnancy. Comprehensive information regarding physiological, hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy is provided in clear, easy-to-understand language.

Important areas of consideration, such as pelvic floor, continence, abdominal integrity and preparing for delivery, are all paid substantial attention. It is excellent to see chapters specifically dedicated to pelvic floor and abdominals, and abdominal separation.

The majority of the book – approximately 200 pages – is dedicated to exercises, starting with stretch and release work including less frequently mentioned areas, such as the feet and perineum.

There follows exercise sections on core strengthening, upper body, lower body, functional movement for motherhood, and a final section dedicated to workouts for the first, second, third and fourth trimesters.

Sample workouts for all stages of pregnancy and fitness levels are provided plus fabulous tips, body facts and exercises designed with great knowledge and consideration to the true functional requirements of pregnancy, labour and early motherhood.

Pregnancy Fitness is written in a positive and uplifting way while comprehensively covering the important information, and more, relating to health, fitness, and the childbearing year.