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Title: The Complete Guide to Foam Rolling
Authors: Kyle Stull
Publisher: Human Kinetics, ISBN: 9781492545606
Details: Paperback, 208pp
RRP: $39.99 OR $31.99 when you use the code HK20 to SAVE 20% at the checkout HERE.

Review by Merrin Martin, Active Anatomy Physiotherapy

This book is pitched to readers with a background in musculo-skeletal training but no hands-on treating experience. Perfect for a personal trainer with an understanding of anatomy that wants to become more proficient at instructing clients to utilise the foam roller for muscle releases.

The way the author, Kyle Stull, summarises the available literature to create a better understanding of how to use the foam roller is very clear and easy to follow. I particularly like the way he incorporates thoughts about other systems in the body rather than just focusing on the muscular system. Stull includes clinical references about foam roller releases and the effects on balance, the nervous system and other parts of the body, not just on the local area that is being treated.

The foam roller releases focus on the major muscles, and the anatomy pictures adjacent to the explanations where to foam roll, will help the trainer reinforce their anatomy while using the foam roller. I also like the way the author has incorporated the use of smaller balls to address the smaller parts of the body, such as the foot and forearm.

The chapter on full body assessment allows the beginner personal trainer to establish a starting point for strengthening their clients. It is a very thorough description of a squat assessment, which incorporates the whole body. This section only touches on what functional assessments could be included, but that’s fair enough because this book is not primarily about assessing, it’s about applying the foam roller practically to the body.

Incorporating a chapter on stretching in combination with some foam roller releasing is a great way to maintain the effects of foam rolling for the longer term.

Overall, this book is a great way for the personal trainer to gain confidence with using the foam roller and implement releases and stretches for their clients. It is easy to follow, evidence based and clearly illustrated.


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